Stuff to Read

I’m writing something on a deadline and need to get back to it, but here is some stuff to read.

I almost had a stroke myself when I read that John Fetterman had a stroke on Friday. I’m pulling for Fetterman to be the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. But it sounds like what he had was more like a TIA, what I had a few weeks ago, and he should be fine. If it’s what I had he’s probably bone tired right now, but functional.

Headlines around the country are connecting the Buffalo shooting to white supremacy, Fox News, and the Republican Party. A samplng:

Nicholas Confessore and Karen Yourish, New York Times, A Fringe Conspiracy Theory, Fostered Online, Is Refashioned by the G.O.P.

Greg Sargent, Washington Post, A Fringe Conspiracy Theory, Fostered Online, Is Refashioned by the G.O.P.

Jonathan Chait, New York, Yes, Tucker Carlson Shares Blame for the Buffalo Supermarket Attack

There’s also this:

Josephine Harvey, Huffpost, State Senator Who Backs White Nationalism Suggests Buffalo Shooting Was False Flag

Matt Shuham, Talking Points Memo, Proponents Of Racist ‘Replacement’ Theory That Motivated Mass Shooter Double Down

There was also a shooting in Laguna Woods, California, yesterday. One dead, five wounded. This was at a Taiwanese Episcopal Church, and the victims are all Asian. I’d say that qualifies as a racist hate crime, also. As the shooter was reloading the pastor smacked him in the head with a chair and congregates tackled and hogtied him, or it would have been worse.


Frank Langfitt, NPR, Finland and Sweden announce they want to join NATO, marking a big blow to Putin. Yeah, take that, Vlad.

File this next one under “but the leak is the real story!”

Ian Millhiser, Vox, The Supreme Court just made it much easier to bribe a member of Congress and Paul Blumenthal and Elise Foley, Huffpost, The Supreme Court Makes Ted Cruz A Half-Million Dollars Richer. But they get so sad when you call them “political hacks.”