Russians Are Routed, Maybe

It appears the Russian army was routed out of some key areas in eastern Ukraine. There was a huge loss of Russian equipment, reports say, as the Russians appear to have just abandoned everything to run for their lives. Not all news sources are using the word “rout,” but it does sound like a rout.

The Russians are saying it’s just a redeployment.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday confirmed that it had pulled forces out of Balakliya and Izyum, after a decision to “regroup” and transfer them toward the regional capital of Donetsk in the south “in order to achieve the goals of the special military operation.”

Here’s the warning label:

The stunning rout of Russian forces by Ukraine’s flash counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region does not, on its own, signal a decisive shift in the war to Ukraine’s advantage.

Radio Free Europe is reporting that Moscow Municipal Lawmakers Demand Putin’s Resignation. They’ve got more courage than the Russian army.

And something funky is going on in Moscow.

And that’s all I know about Russia and Ukraine.