George Lakoff on Freedom

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View a two minute video of Lakoff taking apart the extremely loaded phrase "cut and run", among other things. He’s promoting his 2006 book, Whose Freedom? The Battle Over America’s Most Important Idea.

"America is at a cusp, at a turning point. The question is: whose concept of freedom is going to prevail?"

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  1. Swami  •  Jul 13, 2007 @10:51 pm

    I wonder if Cut and Run isn’t so blatantly obvious as a distortion that it had a counter effect to what it was intended to do. To me it screamed.. implying cowardice to counter reason.

    Another mindless phrase that I associate with Bill Frist is: ” up and down vote”.. He repeated it ad nauseum, like he happen upon a profound concept that bared repeating, but what it really was was a primal call for the Republican juggernaut to beat down any attempt at democracy. Numbers rule, so check your brains, or your allegiance to America at the door.

  2. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 14, 2007 @6:47 am

    Republican: “I left my soul with the coat-check girl. And then, I found out that she ran off with the dish-washer and she still had it with her! How do I get my soul back?”
    Maybe if he had left a tip…
    No, on second thought, money can’t buy you back your soul. Once you give it away, you can’t get it back.