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From Roy, to Kevin, to Digby, to Peter D., now to moi — doing this list meme made me realize I haven’t vacationed enough —

Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Editor, production manager, reporter, mother

Four movies you could watch over and over:
Last of the Mohicans (1992), The Godfather, The Lord of the Rings trilogy (counts as 1 or 3?), Amadeus

Four places you’ve lived: Flat River, Missouri, since renamed Park Hills; Cincinnati, Ohio; Bergenfield, New Jersey; current undisclosed location somewhere in New York

Four TV shows you love to watch: The Daily Show, Countdown, Animal Precinct, Law & Order

Four places you’ve been on vacation: Wales, Washington DC, San Francisco, various Ozark Mountain locations

Four websites you visit daily: Eschaton, The Sideshow, Whiskey Bar, Hullabaloo, many more

Four of your favorite foods: chocolate, cheese, scallops, pasta

Four places you’d rather be:
Snowdonia (Wales), London, any good Italian restaurant, a pretty mountain cabin near a lake with good friends and lots of beer and snacks

Passing the ball to … my buddy Bob Geiger of Yellow Dog Blog!

Update: Bob posted here, then punted to Jane at firedoglake. Feel free to add your own lists to the comments!

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  1. erinyes  •  Dec 24, 2005 @6:02 am

    Can I play Too?
    1/ Ironworker, Piledriver, Commercial Diver, Construction inspector
    2/ The Thorn Birds, Rat Race, Laurence of Arabia,The best of Jeanine ( yeah, men are pigs! but it’s cheaper than viagra)
    4/ Central Fl, Los Angeles, Seattle, South Beach.
    5/South Park, The Daily Show, Countdown, Iron Chief
    6/ Fl Keys, Singapore, Bali, Dominica,
    7/, Lewrockwell, Mahablog, Jeff Rense
    8/ Lobster, Baked&stuffed boston scrod ( true nirvana!), bahama burgers(any Flannagans’), fresh raw oysters (at Elliots’ on the Bay Seattle)
    9/ Lovina Beach Bali (sunrise & sunset),Seattle (Specifically Elliots’ on the bay Seattle & Elliot Bay Book Co.on a cold rainy day), Laguna Beach Ca (any day), Rainbow River FL.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Rebecca Allen, RN, PhD  •  Dec 24, 2005 @5:12 pm

    I guess I’ll play…I’ve been reading everybody else’s lists…

    4 jobs: Congressional intern, psychologist, nurse, soon to be nurse practitioner

    4 places I’ve lived: Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, Tacoma, WA

    4 movies: The Grand Illusion, Blade Runner, Dances with Wolves, any even-numbered Star Trek movie

    4 TV shows: ER, Trauma: Life in the ER (ok, I’m a nurse), the Olympics, any baseball game (I don’t watch a lot of TV)

    4 vacations: Belize, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, (bonus) Australia

    4 websites: Political Animal, TPM Cafe, Ezra Klein, Brad deLong, Mark Kleiman (ok, that’s 5), Hullaballo (ok, I’ll stop now)

    4 foods: lobster, scallops, Dungeness crab, chocolate

    4 preferred places: Hawaii, Belize, the Caribbean, Australia, any other place I can snorkel

  3. discovered  •  Feb 4, 2006 @8:27 pm
  4. tim  •  Apr 9, 2006 @2:30 pm

    always drive me crazy as I never know what to do.

    I’m off topic but typing sometimes saves me from screaming!

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