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Righties don’t hate lefties. They hate the straw lefties that live in their own brains. Consider this adolescent effort by James Lileks. It consists of the alleged thought processes of Lilek’s personal straw leftie. But it no more resembles anything written by an actual leftie than I resemble Brad Pitt. Perhaps it is meant to be humorous, but it’s too mean to be real humor. I’ve seen efforts by 12-year-olds that were genuinely funnier.

BTW, I’m packing for YearlyKos in Vegas and and leave in the morning, so I’ll be more or less offline for the next few hours. There may be some surprise guest bloggers. Be nice.

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  1. mishu  •  Jun 8, 2006 @12:16 am

    Could you post some of the twelve year-old efforts? I thought Lileks was pretty damn funny.

  2. zeus  •  Jun 8, 2006 @1:15 am

    Have a nice trip!

  3. maha  •  Jun 8, 2006 @5:04 am

    I thought Lileks was pretty damn funny.

    You must be a rightie. I bet you think Ann Coulter is funny, too.

  4. reallygonecat  •  Jun 8, 2006 @7:54 am

    WTF is he talking about? Even eighth graders don’t think like that. Even the ones who think the ‘war on drugs’ is just as much BS as the ‘war on terror’. Anyway, so Canada caught some terrorists and kept a bunch of their citizens from being killed horrifically. Why don’t we try that here? And his criticisms of Canada? That they have liberal social policies? Ooh that hurts coming from him! Pathetic. Sounds like bitter cynicism from the losing side to me.

  5. Bonnie  •  Jun 8, 2006 @9:15 am

    It seems that every one is going to the yearlykos thing. Will there really be any one blogging this weekend?

    All these people who write about lefties and how horrible we are don’t know me, they have never meant, would never admit that I am a pillar of my community; and, thus, have no business writing about me. Everything they write is fiction–not to mention mean and hateful. They disseminate nothing but hatred for, as Maha says, strawmen. They don’t even use strawwomen.

  6. mishu  •  Jun 8, 2006 @9:27 am

    no, reallygone. Socialized medicine should remove the motivation to kill people altogether. Don’t you know that?

    Coulter? meh. Who cares. I bet you think Ted Rall is funny then.

    Anyway maha. If you don’t think leftists Lileks describes exist, think again.

  7. reallygonecat  •  Jun 8, 2006 @10:21 am

    no, mishu. There will always be self centered self pitying selfish brats who blame everyone else for their problems. Ted Rall is funny and right on the money, every time.

  8. mishu  •  Jun 8, 2006 @10:29 am

    You must be as full of hate as old Ted is then, everytime.

  9. Steve M.  •  Jun 8, 2006 @11:54 am

    This Lileks column really is the Protocols of the Elders of Liberalism.

    Of course, there’s no one Protocols of the Elders of Liberalism document — it’s like one of those hypertext novels some people thought we’d all be reading by now. Or, more prosaically, it’s like a community garden, lovingly tended by every opinion-slinger on the right.

    Right-wingers carefully craft this image of liberals as dangerous freaks for exactly the same reason earlier propagandists published cartoons of, say, greedy Jews with grotesque noses: to keep the level of hate up.

  10. Steve M.  •  Jun 8, 2006 @12:01 pm
  11. bfranky  •  Jun 8, 2006 @1:32 pm

    What people like Lileks really want: It’s in “The Department of Homeland Decency: Decency Rules and Regulations Manual.” And, unlike Lileks, it’s a funny book.

    Check it out at

  12. justme  •  Jun 8, 2006 @2:37 pm

    “There may be some suprise guest bloggers.Be nice.”

    You mean we can’t UT them? dang it….I had my” this is bullshit” typing fingers all ready to go….how about” Maha is gonna hear about this!” ?Can we at least make the guest blogger explain what they didn’t say?

    Just kidding….Thanks for having guest bloggers.I am sure whomever you picked will be great.. You have a great bunch of regulars who would never disrespect YOUR blog or your choice of who posts here…

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say We will miss you.Please hurry back……Have a safe and fun trip.If you fly over Iowa, wave on the way by.Viva! Las Vegas!!!

  13. justme  •  Jun 8, 2006 @2:42 pm

    Hey, I forgot to ask,,,, will you get us all tee shirts from Heidi’s new man whore house??

  14. FungiFromYuggoth  •  Jun 8, 2006 @4:54 pm

    mishu – that photo proves the existence of tasteless t-shirts, which is a far cry from substantiating the Lileks tripe.

    If a terrorist cell was broken, that’s a good thing. If the NSA wiretaps were involved – um, did you notice that this story took place in Canada? The problem with pretending not to understand what positions really take is that Lileks ends up stringing together stupid non sequiturs.

    And yes, Ted Rall is funny. And I’m not sure when the last time he’s was on the Today show…

  15. JHB  •  Jun 9, 2006 @7:11 am

    This has been evident since at least 1992, portraying Bill Clinton (arguably the most conservative of the Dem contenders that year) as long-haired, dope-smokin’, draft-dogin’, Red-lovin’ (and *psst*, n****r-lovin’) Hippie Bill, ready to socialize medicine just as soon as he got done capitulating to the Soviets, who were just faking their demise.

    Or maybe since 1980, with St. Ron the Gipper vs the Welfare Queens and the Soviet Super-Soldiers who threatened to attack Colorado High Schools (It’s true! I saw the movie!) 😉

    It’s just come all that much farther. In some ways, this is a bit encouraging: Through the 80’s it seemed one could find too many cases of those on the liberal/left end of things caricaturing an opponent, then attacking or dismissing the caricature, leaving a lot of people feeling angry about what they felt was a wrongful caricature, or making conservatives look more reasonable by the skewed comparison.

    Now THEY’re doing it.

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