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This will make you smile.

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  1. Kevin Hayden  •  Dec 20, 2006 @7:06 pm

    It certainly did!

    But I kept expecting someone nipping at her heels, like that little bowser, Barack.

    (No reference to him being like canines intended).

  2. A Canadian Reader  •  Dec 20, 2006 @7:09 pm

    What a hoot! I’ve already e-mailed the URL to several friends.

  3. Bonnie  •  Dec 20, 2006 @8:26 pm

    What a riot! Thanks.

  4. erinyes  •  Dec 20, 2006 @8:37 pm

    Cute as a button…

  5. Donna  •  Dec 21, 2006 @6:35 am

    Yes, it did! Thanks for that.

  6. Capeman  •  Dec 21, 2006 @4:40 pm

    We represent the DLC, The DLC , The DLC
    And in the name of the DLC,
    We wish to welcome you to Middlinland.
    We represent the DNC, The DNC , The DNC
    And in the name of the DNC,
    We wish to welcome you to Majorityland.
    We welcome you to Majorityland, Tra la la la la la la
    From now on you’ll be history.
    You’ll be history, you’ll be history, you’ll be history.
    And we will glorify your name.
    You will be a bust, be a bust, be a bust
    In the Hall of Fame!

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