Spill Those Beans

Bush Administration, Congress, U.S. Attorneys

The House Judiciary Committee just authorized a subpoena for Monica Goodling’s testimony. Even better, they extended an offer of immunity. That means she can’t “take the Fifth.” Read about it at TPMuckraker.

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  1. CruzBustamove  •  Apr 25, 2007 @3:57 pm

    She can’t plead the 5th, but will she plead a faulty memory?

  2. Swami  •  Apr 25, 2007 @5:22 pm

    Well. I’m no lawyer,but my understanding is that immunity isn’t given without some knowledge of something valuable given back in return for the immunity. Truthful testimony is also a requirement in the exchange process for immunity, so Monica can’t dummy up like Gonzo did. It’s a conditional deal….and Monica is going to roll over like Joe Valachi…. 🙂