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Obama Derangement Syndrome and Other Pathologies

Obama Administration

Glenn Greenwald has an article at the Guardian that is being roundly dissed for its implication that Ron Paul is a stronger supporter of civil liberties than President Obama. Yeah, he really does imply that, toward the end.

Angry Black Lady is all over that, as is Tom Hilton and Matt Osborne. I have nothing else to add.

An editorial in the New York Times asks,

When will the Internal Revenue Service crack down on the secret political money already flooding the 2012 campaign from partisan operatives ludicrously claiming to be “social welfare” activists under the tax law?

Offshoot groups created by partisan gurus — Karl Rove pioneered the practice — claim the 501(c)(4) status as do-gooders that allows them to keep the names of their donors secret, unlike traditional political operations. Democrats are hard at this secret megamoney race, too, with Obama campaign veterans politicking as the supposedly independent and socially minded Priorities USA.

The need for the I.R.S. to curb this abuse is vital, especially with the Federal Election Commission paralyzed by its Republican members.

An interview of Tom Franks at Salon is worth reading.

What Moves Republican Crowds in Iowa? Nothing good.

IMO Peta should leave Manhattan horse-drawn carriage owners alone and go after real abuse and neglect of horses.

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