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What I’ll Take Away from the GOP Convention

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Is It Over?

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The most significant fact about last night’s GOP convention finale may be that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo got better ratings. Of these two prime time programs, one was a reality show about a tribe of clueless rednecks, and the other starred a mouthy little girl with a pet pig.

Everybody’s talking today about Clint Eastwood’s bizarre stand-up act. I believe it must have been bizarre, because I did a news google for “Eastwood bizarre” and got more than 14,000 hits. I take it the crowd in Tampa ate it up, but it sounds even more cringe-inducing that Honey Boo Boo.

My impression overall is that the whole convention was weirdly unfocused. And IMO this is in large part because Republicans can’t decide who they are running against. Steve Kornacki writes that Romney thinks he is running against Jimmy Carter, for example. His acceptance speech was supposed to cast himself as Reagan versus the bumbling peanut farmer Reagan ran against in 1980. I personally don’t think Jimmy Carter himself was that Jimmy Carter, although it’s a debatable point. But Barack Obama is way not that Jimmy Carter. Not even close.

David Firestone writes that in his speech, Romney addressed the President as if he were a wayward child whose behavior had been disappointing. I can’t imagine that’s going to work on anyone, frankly.

Other parts of the Republican Party, of course, are opposing Barack “Saul Alinsky” Obama, subversive radical. And some are opposing Barack “Stepin Fetchit” Obama, affirmative action hire. Meanwhile, the real Barack Obama probably is feeling pretty good about his chances right now.

Nate Silver says we won’t know how big a bounce Mittens got from the convention until early next week, so just ignore any headlines about a bounce until then. Mittens needs at least a four-point bounce if he’s got a shot at overtaking the President, Nate says. Nate’s graphs currently have the President’s chance of winning getting larger, and Mitt’s smaller.

And then there will be the Dem convention, and the debates. Heh.

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