Fear Itself

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In spite of a recent uptick in violent crime rates in urban areas, around the country rates of violent crime have been dropping for several years. In 2011 it had reached all-time lows

Murders are at the lowest point in 40 years. Violent crime, according to the FBI, includes murder, rape, robbery and assault. …The peak of violent crime and property crime came in the early ’90s. The 2011 report represents a 30.6 drop in property crime since 1991, and a 38 percent drop in violent crime since 1992.

(And before anyone suggests this is because of “concealed carry” laws, note that similar drops have been going on i other countries without concealed carry laws.)

Why, then, have so many people become so fearful that they cannot leave their homes without a firearm? Charles Blow writes,

Gun sales have surged. And our laws are quickly being adjusted to allow people to carry those guns everywhere they go and to give legal cover to use lethal force when nonlethal options are available.

This is our America in a most frightful time.

When Illinois — which has experienced extraordinary carnage in its largest city — enacted legislation this month allowing the concealed carrying of firearms, it lost its place as the lone holdout. Now “concealed carry” is the law in all 50 states.

And as The Wall Street Journal reported this month, “concealed carry” permit applications are also surging while restrictions are being loosened. Do we really need to have our guns with us in church, or at the bar? More states are answering that question in the affirmative.

And now that more people are walking around with weapons dangling from their bodies, states have moved to make the use of those guns more justifiable.

And, of course, the answer is twofold. The firearm industry is ginning up fear to push gun sales, and right-wing politicians and gun-rights groups are ginning up fear because it raises money.

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  1. Lynne  •  Jul 25, 2013 @7:44 pm

    I feel sorry for us all.

  2. Dan  •  Jul 25, 2013 @8:48 pm

    Fearful people are prone to becoming bullies.

    QED Republicans

  3. c u n d gulag  •  Jul 26, 2013 @5:47 am

    Please, won’t another country take me?

    Please take me, so that I never have to come back to America as a tourist, because I’d be too scared of coming to a country where ever imbecile, maniac, or lunatic, who wants a gun, can carry one around with them all day and night.

    I just had an idea!
    Start a Funeral Home business.
    Anyone know someone who’ll financially back me?
    I’ve made pickles before – and what’s the difference between some gun-toting imbecile and a cucumber, except the imbecile is larger, and the cuke’s smarter?

  4. Tom_B  •  Jul 26, 2013 @11:03 am

    Statistically, owning a gun is a lot more dangerous to the owner and owner’s family than not. Maybe they need a warning label. That’s why doctors often ask about guns in your home along with smoking, seat belts, and drug use. It’s a big risk factor.

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