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Trump Maladministration

Mueller Is Now Looking Into Middle Eastern Influence as Part of the Trump Investigation

Special counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation to look into the Trump White House’s ties to a Lebanese-American businessman who works closely with the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates, the New York Times reports.

Saturday evening, the Times reported that Mueller has interviewed George Nader, a businessman with long standing ties to the Middle East. Mueller has also pressed other witnesses about what role Nader might have played in trying to influence the White House and possible attempts by the UAE to buy influence during the presidential campaign. Since his election, Trump has forged a close relationship with the UAE After feuding broke outlast year between Qatar, a close US ally in the Persian Gulf and the home of a large US air base, and other Arab states, including the UAE, the Trump administration loudly sided with Qatar’s opponents—even over the objections of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

So hard to keep up.

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  1. bernie  •  Mar 4, 2018 @3:04 pm

    March madness seems to have come a bit early this year.  The morning talking heads overwhelmed with too many topics to try to cover.  Qatar financial dealings with Kushner many months ago are being linked to foreign policy toward that country.  Even the appearance of such a link is globally disruptive.  Then Lindsey went on another solo rampage about war clouds over Israel.  It is hard to say who is pulling his strings anymore.  With all this, how do any of the real queens of drama, comedy, tragedy, and the rest have any chance for attention tonight at the Oscars?

  2. Doug  •  Mar 4, 2018 @10:01 pm

    Kushner is the most desperate grifter in the Trump clown show. In the end, if Kushner has been sloppy and overconfident (I think that's likely.) he's left a trail of evidence and witnesses to his crimes. For months, Kushner may have thought that as POTUS, daddy could quash any investigation. Meeting in the WH with bankers who eventually loan a half-billion to Kushner businesses is incredibly sloppy. If trying to muscle investors in foreign countries into investing can be proven it's the protection racket to end all protection rackets. If any of the grifting is a violation of NY state laws, Trump can't cover Kushner. And then, Mueller may have the big fish. It was Kushner who was entrusted to ask Ambassador Kisliak for back-channel communications to the Kremlin. If that was Trump responding to his Russian masters and Kushner rolls over on Trump to avoid several decades of jail time…

    Perhaps Trump should start working on a federal prison on Mir-A-GoGo grounds and try to designate it as his federal prison. 

  3. csm  •  Mar 4, 2018 @10:36 pm

    I remember back before the election when they expected Clinton would win, and people like the odious Jason Chaffetz was drooling talking about all the investigations they'd bog Clinton down in, and how she'd create a target rich environment for these clowns to ultimately destroy her presidency.  Instead of Clinton, its Trump.  There's just an endless number of threads to unravel.  

  4. Tom_b  •  Mar 4, 2018 @11:40 pm

    Meanwhile, poor wittle brown-nose Nunes thinks big, bad Stephen Colbert is a danger to the country. Unlike himself. Or The Donald. Or Putin.


  5. paradoctor  •  Mar 5, 2018 @11:30 am

    Let us prepare now for when (not if) Mueller gives out proof positive of major Trump crimes (fraud, tax evasion, blood-money laundering, treason) but Hannity and Senator McConnell say, "Treason? So what?"

    Impeach anyhow, lose, and make that the 2018 campaign theme? But then the Russians will hack the vote count.

    Take to the streets? Boycotts? All of the above?

    Other suggestions?


  6. Bill  •  Mar 5, 2018 @1:59 pm

    Does Nunes ever describe what “the danger” even is?  Is it exposing that a handful of rich and powerful continuously influence national and local policy for everybody else, without the consent of the citizens?

  7. Swami  •  Mar 5, 2018 @3:00 pm

    I wonder why Nunes is so dedicated to be swimming against the current? He seems a little too determined and pro active to cover Trump's ass. Whatever he's up to it's clear that he's not on a quest for the truth.