Shaming Ann Coulter

I didn’t think it was possible, but Rick Jacobs at the Huffington Post did the impossible. He spotted AC at a gay-owned restaurant, in LA’s pre-eminent gay district, West Hollywood. Not only that, he tried to talk with her:

…Clearly, Ann Coulter was caught in a lie. There she was, burbling like a fountain about her interview on Donny Deutsch’s show in which she says Jews should be Christians, completely at ease in the heart of the gayest city on the planet. She was a natural with the gay men who surrounded her. She enjoyed the fawning attention by her two not so masculine male escorts, clearly in her milieu.

I was therefore shocked that when we tried to engage her in conversation, she became embarrassed, turned away, nestling her head inside her long, blond hair, much as would an embarrassed school girl caught stealing the answers to an exam.

We wondered if she was comfortable in West Hollywood, in a restaurant where a large number of the patrons are gay, and where the gay owners make money off of her dining bill. Her response (physically, because she would not speak): “I am too embarrassed to talk to you.” Had we been able to see her high cheek bones, then averted and clutched in her hands to hide her shame, we’d have seen a red-faced hypocrite, caught living a lie…

Ann Coulter loves the camera, so we snapped a few with a cell phone. Her sturdy female minder said we were “molesting” her. Ann Coulter molested by having her picture taken? I guess she’s molested every day, then. She might want to check into rehab to deal with her addiction to such molestation.

When the manager came by with our check, he said, “Look, I’m sorry she’s here, but I have to serve her.” The staff were clearly appalled when they realized who was in their midst. Did Hitler eat kosher food even as he worked out the final solution?

5 thoughts on “Shaming Ann Coulter

  1. Nice juxtaposition of the authoritarian’s blindness to hypocrisy… and Ann Coulter’s all too obvious knowledge of how hypocritical she is.

    As we used to say in the schoolyard, “On purpose makes it worse!”

  2. ann, come out, come out, wherever you are! it’s killing you, ann! c’mon, we’re rooting for you. take off the wig. let it all hang out. don’t you realize that amongst us is acceptance and tolerance, and amongst them it’s consignment to a living hell of lies?

    we’ll forgive you for everything you said, and chalk it up to a stunning performance. if you come out or get outed amongst the people from the other side…..well, i shudder to think what they’d do to you.

    aw, who am i kidding. it’s like the song says, “money changes everything”…..

  3. This will of course get no attraction with her adoring right wing base but it reiterates what we’ve all known for years. Ann Coulter would rather finance the Al Gore president for life campaign than set foot anywhere near red state America or mix with the rubes who paid her way into that club.

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