Sorry We Missed You

If you like Halloween, you’ll love this. Drop a few of these around your right wing neighborhood:

Sorry We Missed You

Much less funny is this video of AT&T whistleblower and former technician Mark Klein explaining how AT&T was copying all internet traffic coming across its cables:

…It affects not only AT&T’s customers, but everybody….and so they’re basically tapping into the entire internet. If they’re doing what they say they want to do – look at international traffic – none of this makes any sense. ….these installations only make sense if they’re doing a huge, massive, domestic dragnet on everybody in the United States. These companies know very well what’s legal and illegal – they’ve been dealing with this for decades…this is why Qwest refused the NSA’s approaches because they weren’t shown any legal justification for it – they did the right thing and said No….

And yet, Feinstein backs legal immunity for telecom firms. Will we hear more of her brilliant “Mukasey is not Gonzales” logic? Perhaps she can arrange for the immunity law to require telecoms to drop a friendly "Sorry we missed you" e-notice into our inboxes.

h/t to Avedon Carol.

4 thoughts on “Sorry We Missed You

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  2. I just cannot believe how stupid these Congress critters are being. The minute I heard about the illegal wire tapping, I thought of the burglary at Democratic Headquarters in the Watergate Hotel. Feinstein may be doing this because she get lots of money from AT&T; but, that isn’t going to keep her immune from wiretapping of her internet traffic and telephones. These people have proven over and over that they are NOT good and kind people. They have the most malicious of motivations and should not be trusted by ANYONE. I wish someone would interview Daniel Schorr about his experiences with the Nixon administration. I believe Kerry’s phones were and still are tapped; and, every Democrat who opposes this administration are being listened to–and that may even include Chuck Hagel. Being Republican or rightwing whackjobs will NOT keep you from being targets. There is no sense of decency with these criminals. And, the Democrats are stupid, stupid, stupid . . . . . .

  3. First hilarity, then horror. The 21st Century in a nutshell.

    I’d love it if Chuck Hagel found out that OHS was tapping his phones. I can’t imagine him keeping quiet about it.

    And I don’t even know what to say about Feinstein. She needs to receive half a million “Sorry we missed you” cards in the mail.


  4. “Hi!, this is ” YOU-OWE-US Communication’s!
    Please listen to this message carefully – we have a special offer for you today.
    You can either turn yourself in now as a ‘person-of-interest.’ Or, we can have a federal government Swat-team come and get you.
    We think someone called Suadi Arabia on your phone yesterday, and we’re comin’ to getcha!!!”
    “Ha, ha, haaaa!!! Oops, I thought the recorder was off…”

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