Censure Senator Feinstein

Feinstein AshamedIf you’d like to vent your outrage over Senator Feinstein’s longstanding coddling of the Bush Administration, culminating in her support of Bush’s new Attorney General Mukasey, add your name to support a censure resolution, put forth by the progressive caucus of the California Democratic Party. They’re meeting this Friday in Anaheim, so time is a bit short. Obviously it’s more meaningful if you actually live in the Golden State, but I doubt if that’s a firm requirement.

3 thoughts on “Censure Senator Feinstein

  1. I signed on.. I live in the Sunshine(The Red Neck State) state, but what the hey!

    Yesterday I received an unexpected form letter from my Congress critter in reply to an online protest I signed about Rush Limbaugh’s use of the term “phony soldiers”. My Congressmen claims Rush was referring to Jesse Macbeth who misrepresented himself as a member of the United States military and not the men and women who serve our nation.

    My Congressmen is C.W. Bill Young, who is a firm supporter of torture and the degradation of American honor and ideals.He is also a proud Bush bootlicker. How high and what color?

  2. Wow Swami, your congressman actually defends Rush Limbaugh?
    And to think I grew up in Largo…..

    I read an artical yesterday that stated Feinstein and Schumer are mearly dancing to AIPAC’s tune. A real jaw-dropper, but it does make a bit o’sense.Something to investigate.

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