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Like many of you, my nerves are raw from the last eight years, and so this trailer is somewhat difficult to watch. It’s for Oliver Stone’s new movie, “W”, which opens Oct 17. The casting looks great, and the music in this trailer, IMO is spot on. "A devil in a white hat", indeed.

UPDATE: I don’t normally report name-calling, but it’s pretty significant when someone of Paul Begala’s stature calls Bush a “high-functioning moron” on CNN.

Anderson, speaking of Bush’s robotic delivery of his address to America on the economic crisis, said he “did not seem to be there,” and Ed Rollins chimed in with “it was not his words,” while Gloria Borger said he was “not comfortable,” but Begala drove the final nail in W’s coffin with the magic words.

Gloria Borger turned and gave Paul a look, but Republican strategist Rollins did not interject to protest or contest Begala’s remarks. Apparently, at long last, it is now a given that the emperor has no clothes.

If only we had a parliamentary form of government, this administration would have been driven out with a vote of no confidence several years ago. I hope we can hold on until January 20, 2009.

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  1. Even seeing that movie trailer makes me wonder what on earth could all of those people that voted for him have seen that I don’t see. I see a sniggering fool, that I think was a figurehead for the shoot your friend in the face and make him apologize cheney.

  2. Frankly, I’m just pleased that Oliver Stone is still with us. For a time, he was sort of the Robert Downey Jr. of directors; the smart money wasn’t on him growing old.

    Not sure I want to see W, though. Will it be too much like the awful pictures in my head? And why Josh Brolin? Why not Will Farrell? I mean, if you need to tell a joke….

    I remember once hearing a brilliant voice actor, Billy West, say that Anthony Hopkins’s performance as Oliver Stone’s Nixon was “like Nixon reading Chaucer.” (West’s own Nixon’s-head-in-a-jar, on the cartoon Futurama, was always shaking his jowls and crooning, “Arr-oooo!”) I wonder what Brolin’s performance will be like? Dubya reading The Family Circus on the toilet?

  3. Let’s see, the Republicans voted with Bush more than 90% of the time; they blocked any sensible legislation from the Democrats; with the help of demagogues, they demonized anyone who said, let’s think about this; and they fawned over Bush for his autograph whenever he gave a State of the Union Address. And now Republicans are pretending they’re the reformers? They’re the ones who reject Bush?

    The hypocrisy meter is seriously in the red. After 27 years of increasing failure, the Republicans need to leave town.

  4. Wow, thanks for posting that trailer, Barb, I didn’t even know this was in the works! It just goes to show what a horrible debacle his presidency was if it warrants a film to be made before he’s even out of office.

    I did so much work in my community to out him the last time around and got pretty discouraged…living in Ohio and all. Our Governor conveniently misplaced voting booths so that the highly republican communities had more than enough and the democratic communities had 3 hr. long lines to vote.

    Kudos to you for keeping it up here!!!

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