I ♥ Anthony Weiner

Have they forgotten? Last night the House debated a bill to provide $4 billion in health care aid to September 11 rescue and recovery workers. A large percentage of those who cleared debris and recovered bodies from the wreck of the World Trade Center have suffered severe health problems as a result, mostly because they were breathing toxic fumes without adequate safety equipment. Some have died, others are dying, they can no longer work and need public assistance. The bill failed to get the needed votes, and Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was a tad distressed.

I understand it was mostly Republican votes that killed the bill. BTW, I’d love to know how many of those Republicans who voted no to assist the heroes of 9/11 are working their constituents up into a lather over the “Ground Zero mosque”?

In other obstructionist news, Senate Republicans blocked a bill to help get loan money to small business. Now they’ll all go home to their districts and scream that Democrats hate small business.

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  1. How refreshing was it to watch Anthony deliver his tirade!!!

    The Repubs are basing their entire voting for or voting against any legislation that comes before either House on the evils of government anything and the virtue of the ‘free-market’ everything.

    What they are revealing is that they don’t possess much gray matter between their ears. The mega-irony of the Party is that it should be able to grasp the dangers of unregulated markets. If big government is susceptible to the abuses of human beings, how much more susceptible is a corporate system that is bigger than any government.

  2. From what I’ve seen on the cables and read the republicants objected to the bill because they could not introduce any amendments specifically one that would prohibit anyone who helped out at ground zero but does not have legal status from receiving the benefits. God forbid any brown people get any help, unfuckingbelievable. Could you imagine had 95% of democrats voted not to help 9-11 first responders, the end of the world would surely be near. It really just proves how phony the wing-nuts are, all that 9-11 crap they spouted during bu$hco’s presidency was just that, CRAP. I like your reference about how many no-votes are leading the anti-mosque charge, I’d bet all of them, they have no fucking shame.

  3. I also just read that the bill was going to be paid for by eliminating tax loopholes for American corporations that establish phony overseas operations to lessen and or avoid paying taxes to the feds. So the republicants choose Corporate tax cheaters and racisim over the 9-11 first responders. If you watch the TeeVee machine you’ll not hear much about this, even msnbc refered the elimination of loopholes as a tax increase. Were fucked!

  4. What do they need cash for? The worker are fine.
    Remember, Christie Todd Whitman said the air was no problem at all, so protective gear was unnecessary. And, you know, Rudy was there as much as any of the workers, and he’s fine. So, what’s the beef?
    I guess the Republicans are done wringing every last drop of votes out of
    9/11 – unless another attack happens on the watch of the Kenyan Usurper who ACORN propelled to a win. But if that happens, WATCH OUT! And if it happens when a Republican is President, it will be the fault of Obama and the Democrats. Bad on National Security, don’t you know, unlike Bush who protected us for all of those years, after the attack that was Clinton’s fault.
    As a heterosexual male, I’m comfortable enough in my sexuality to admit, “I love Weiner. I can’t get me enough Weiner. MORE WEINER!!!”

  5. Any chance of putting Mr. Weiner up for Prez in 2012? And his good friend Mr. Stewart from the Daily Show as VEEP? Or, the other way around…..either way.

  6. you say mostly repugs voted against the bill to help out our first responders. Who were the democrats that voted against this bill?

  7. jugheadjack,
    Two words: Blue Dogs. I checked it out earlier this morning. No suprise there.

  8. 94 percent of the Democrats voted for this bill; only 7 percent of Republicans voted for this bill. I think it is pretty obvious that the Republicans hate the 9-11 first responders. To not vote for this bill is inhumane and thoughtless towards the brave Americans who responded to the tragedy of 9-11 without question. George W. and Tricky Dick Cheney trembled and hid in their bunkers. Republicans are fools; and, hateful fools at that. Do they have any ounce of humanity and decency? I think not.

  9. …the republicants chose Corporate tax cheaters and racism over the 9-11 first responders.


    Not kidding. This enormously sucks. I hope at least Rep. Weiner’s seat is secure in November.

  10. Did anyone see the interview with Weiner and Peter King?
    Weiner was pretty calm and cool, and King looked like America’s oldest teenager. He kept making these stupid pointing gestures at Weiner trying to place blame. He looked like Daffy Duck in the “Shoot Me Now!” cartoon, as in ‘shoot him, NOT ME!!!’

  11. We could use some sustained yelling about ending the war in Afghanistan, raising income taxes on the rich, loosening the stranglehold of Big Oil on the nation’s energy infrastructure, and several other topics too.

    One of the simplest criticisms that can be made of President Obama is that the guy just doesn’t show enough anger. No matter how many lives may be at stake or what the cost of doing nothing is, he stays cool. That’s all well and good for maintaining executive control, but it does nothing to change minds. When something’s terribly wrong, there’s nothing mistaken about showing genuine emotion about it. It works on a dimension independent of calculated reasoning. Though you should still make sure what you’re saying is correct, and any tool overused can become abusive.

    Come to think of it, Bill Clinton rarely got angry either.

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