The President’s Speech

I only caught part of it, but those of you who saw the memorial service this evening are welcome to comment here.

Update: Moosewoman’s statement today is being slammed nearly universally as narcissistic and petty. But instead of getting a clue, Palin’s staff is telling news media that she is getting death threats at an “unprecedented level.” And of course they have to make this claim today, on the day of the memorial.

She can’t stand not being the center of attention.

The Insanity About the Insanity Defense

Prediction: The same people who today are saying that the Tucson shooting was completely random because Jared Loughner was too crazy to have been influenced by anything other than the moths in his head will, in a few weeks, spin on a dime and claim that Loughner knew what he was doing and is “sane” enough to be tried and executed.

Just watch.