Republicans Step on a Rake

Apparently Republicans were eager to release the Comey memos because they believed it would reveal that Comey had leaked classified information. The Creature continued to believe that after the Republicans made the memos public.

However, people who don’t work for Fox News and who have combed through the memos are not finding the classified information that Comey allegedly leaked. Jeremy Stahl explains how the belief in the leaked classified memos comes from sloppy Fox News reporting, not the memos themselves.

See also Greg Sargent, The leaked Comey memos just blew up in Trump’s face.

When you cut through all the noise, what they really reveal is a senior law enforcement official struggling to figure out in real time how to handle efforts by the president to turn him into a loyalist devoted to carrying out his political will in wildly inappropriate fashion. Comey’s memos recount in new detail that Trump repeatedly demanded his loyalty and that Trump pressed him to drop his probe into his then-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Weirdly, Trump and his minions are claiming the memos prove “no collusion” and “no obstruction.” Um, no, they don’t.