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  1. First time I've seen this graphic, but the irony is rich.

    In NH you had Clinton getting 38% of the votes but "winning" with 15 delegates.  Sanders got 62% of the vote and "lost" with 13 delegates.  Clinton and her democratic supporters insisted that was fair.

    But in the general election Clinton won 3 million more votes but still lost the Electoral College and thus the Presidency. I have not heard Clinton say it, but many democrats including her supporters have not shied away from saying Clinton “actually won” with three million more votes, and the current system is inherently undemocratic, if not fair.  If that's the case, so was NH.

    Could this be karma at its devastatingly (for all of us) worst?

    The solution to this is democratic rule, e.g. one-man, one vote, and whoever gets the most votes wins.  That's what democracy is supposed to be, and the sooner we can abandon the increasingly Rube Goldbergian system we have with gerrymandering, electoral colleges and yes, super delegates in primaries, the better off we'll all be.


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