The Racist in Chief Discovers Article II

Before commenting on the reaction to Trump’s moronic comments about certain House Democrats, I want to point to something he said Friday:

So — so there’s no collusion and there’s no obstruction.

Now, we have a great Attorney General now — he’s strong and he’s smart — and he read it and he studied it — along with Rod Rosenstein, who worked it from the beginning.  And Rod Rosenstein and Bill Barr said, “There’s no obstruction.”

It’s also interesting — number one, there’s no crime.  And how do you obstruct when there’s no crime?

Also, take a look at one other thing.  It’s a thing called Article II.  Nobody ever mentions Article II.  It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody has ever seen before.  We don’t even talk about Article II.

Let’s repeat that last paragraph:

Also, take a look at one other thing.  It’s a thing called Article II.  Nobody ever mentions Article II.  It gives me all of these rights at a level that nobody has ever seen before.  We don’t even talk about Article II.

It has been noted that whenever Trump says something along the lines of “no one ever talks about” or “no one knows about” something, that means he was just told something the rest of the world learned in second grade. It seems the imbecile has noticed there is this thing called “Article II” that gives him presidential powers. Whether he understands that “Article II” is part of the Constitution isn’t clear, but he does seem to assume that this “Article II” thing has been lost in a drawer somewhere all these years, and he is the first one to find out about it. And so now he knows he has power! Lots of power!

If he were to actually read the Constitution — I know, but let’s pretend — he might notice that Congress has lots and lots of specific power and that the president has very little in comparison. But I think it’s safe to say “Trump reading the Constitution” is an event unlikely to happen in this time-space continuum. And even if he read it, he wouldn’t understand it.

But now let’s talk about the outrage du jour, which is Trump’s racist comments on certain Democratic congresswomen of color. For the record, here’s a screen shot of the initial tweets. He’s since doubled down with crazier and crazier rants.

First, speaking as someone descended from soldiers of the American Revolution, let me say that from my perspective Trump just got off the boat last week. I don’t have anything against someone just off the boat, but don’t get off the boat and start making demands about who gets to stay or go. That pisses me off. As Richard Wolff said, “What is it about this German-American that makes him think he can tell native-born citizens what to say and how to behave?”

Note that all but one of the progressive Democratic congresswomen Trump is talking about was born in the United States. They also were all elected to Congress, which means they are authorized by We, the People to determine how our government is to be run. But good luck explaining that to the moron who won’t, and probably can’t, read the Constitution.

Good luck also explaining any of this to right-wing bloggers, such as the always moronic Ann Althouse and her rabidly racist readers. My own fantasy deportation list would start there. See also The Worst Responses to Trump’s Racist Tweets at Mother Jones.

Charles Blow, Trump’s Tweets Prove That He Is a Raging Racist:

Trump — and many of his supporters and defenders — spew their racism and tell themselves that it is perfectly acceptable when it is read back to them, in much the same way that a dog will eat its own vomit. …

…There can be no more discussion or debate about whether or not Trump is a racist. He is. There can be no more rhetorical juggling about not knowing what’s in his heart. We see what flows out of it.

White people and whiteness are the center of the Trump presidency. His primary concern is to defend, protect and promote it. All that threatens it must be attacked and assaulted. Trump is bringing the force of the American presidency to the rescue of white supremacy. And, self-identified Republicans absolutely love him for it.

We are watching a very dark chapter in this nation’s history unfold in real time. We are watching as a president returns naked racism to the White House. And we are watching as fellow citizens — possibly a third of them — reveal to us their open animus for us through their continued support of him.

Eugene Robinson, Republicans embrace Trump’s racism. Blame them as much as him.

“Trump is a Racist” does not exactly qualify as breaking news. But the silence from prominent Republicans is staggering — and telling. It amounts to collaboration — perhaps collusion is a better word — with the president’s assault on diversity and pluralism. In the coming campaign, you will hear Republican candidates at every level claim to be colorblind and embrace all Americans regardless of race or ethnicity. Do not believe them. Their failure to speak out now tells us everything we need to know about their true feelings.

Jamelle Bouie, Trump’s America Is a ‘White Man’s Country’:

Much of Trump’s agenda rests on this idea that the boundaries of rights and citizenship are conterminous with race. Those within Trump’s boundaries enjoy the fruits of American freedom, while those outside them face the full force of American repression. White European immigrants like the first lady, Melania Trump, are welcomed; dark-skinned migrants from Latin America are put into cages and camps.

But also note this:

With that said, what’s more striking than the president’s blood-and-soil racism is how Democratic Party elites — or at least one group of them — are playing with similar assumptions. No, they haven’t held out the white working property owner as the only citizen of value, but they’re obsessed with winning that voter to their side — convinced that this group is the path to victory. It helps explain the current feud between Pelosi and the four congresswomen, with House Democratic leaders attacking progressives on behalf of moderates in the caucus — some of which represent districts Trump won in 2016, but most of whom represent districts that gave Democrats the majority last November.

Indeed, it is instructive — and frankly disturbing — that top Democrats leaked a poll to Axios showing broad dissatisfaction with Representatives Ocasio-Cortez and Omar. Not from the entire public or Democratic voters, but from “1,003 likely general-election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education.”

That kind of thing has to stop, Democrats. The party cannot continue to pay lip service to the virtues of “diversity” while simultaneously telling “diversity” to sit down and shut up. The Democrats are either open to genuine diversity, or they are a diluted version of the Republicans.

Finally, see Inae Oh, Trump Stages Full-Blown, Racist Meltdown at “Made in America” Event about remarks Trump made today.

“If you’re not happy here, then you can leave,” Trump told reporters in a chaotic news conference for a “Made in America” event at the White House. “As far as I’m concerned, if you hate our country, if you’re not happy here, you can leave.”

This is the guy who ranted about “American carnage” in his inauguration speecy. He clearly hates this country and isn’t happy here. He should go first.