Dem Debate Tonight

Tonight’s will be the third-to-last debate the Dems have scheduled. There’s another one this month, on the 25th, and the last one will be March 15. I know that four years ago many of us complained that there weren’t enough debates, but this year I think they’ve worn it out a bit.

The participants will be Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, and Warren. For the record, Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer have not yet withdrawn their candidacies; they just didn’t make the debate cut. I don’t believe anyone else is still running.

This will be the first time much of the country will get a good look at Bloomberg. I don’t want to predict how well he will do. He’s a smart guy and will be well prepared, but he’s not known for his charm or empathy.  He is known for having a temper, and he will probably be working very hard to keep it in check.

This debate will be moderated by NBC. The scheduled moderators are Vanessa Hauc,
Lester Holt, Hallie Jackson, Jon Ralston, and Chuck Todd. At least it’s not CNN. 

If you watch, you are welcome to leave comments here.

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