Bill Barr, Hacko di Tutti Hacki

“Hacko di Tutti Hacki” (hack of all hacks, in Italiano, sorta) is Charles Pierce’s invention from awhile back, and it makes me laugh. And it truly fits “Attorney General” Bill Barr. Here is Pierce, today:

Just as ancient tales were being revived about what a classic bully Attorney General Bill Barr was in his younger days, a revival premised on his apparent lust for some Antietam Creek cosplay in Lafayette Park, a retired federal judge popped up on Wednesday and let Barr have one right in the chops. The retired judge was named John Gleeson, and he had been tasked by Judge Emmett Sullivan to submit an amicus brief on the attempt by the Department of Justice to give Michael Flynn a belated walk on the charges to which Flynn already had pleaded guilty. Gleeson proceeded to stomp a mudhole in the DOJ.

And here are some highlights from John Gleeson’s brief:

“The Government’s ostensible grounds for seeking dismissal are conclusively disproven by its own briefs filed earlier in this very proceeding. They contradict and ignore this Court’s prior orders, which constitute law of the case. They are riddled with inexplicable and elementary errors of law and fact. And they depart from positions that the Government has taken in other cases.”
“The facts surrounding the filing of the Government’s motion constitute clear evidence of gross prosecutorial abuse. They reveal an unconvincing effort to disguise as legitimate a decision to dismiss that is based solely on the fact that Flynn is a political ally of President Trump.”
“The Court should deny leave because there is clear evidence of a gross abuse of prosecutorial power…The Government has engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the President. The facts of this case overcome the presumption of regularity. The Court should therefore deny the Government’s motion to dismiss, adjudicate any remaining motions, and then sentence the Defendant.”
“That is about as straightforward a case of materiality as a prosecutor, court, or jury will ever see. In asserting otherwise, the Government struggles mightily to argue that Flynn’s false statements neither affected nor could have affected the FBI’s investigation of his and his colleagues’ potential ties to the Russian government.”

Oh, snap.


Everybody Knows What Trump Stand For

This is why it won’t matter what Trump says about racial equality and unification and whatever.

These meatheads mocking George Floyd’s death in front of Trump’s name are what Trump stands for. And that’s all he stands for.

Two of the meatheads have faced some consequences; one guy is a New Jersey corrections officer who has been banned from his workplace pending investigation. The kneeling guy was a FedEx employee who was subsequently fired.

The word is that Trump is going to give an address written by Stephen Miller, for pity’s sake. That’s about as useless as me writing a paper for the American Mathematical Society. The words won’t matter; it’s an exercise in box-checking. It might soothe a few Republican moderates looking for an excuse to not abandon ship, but that’s about it.