Some Trial

I didn’t watch any of the Trump lawyers’ presentation, but I’m hearing comments that it was a bad joke. Even so, see this bit in the St. Louis Post Dispatch — Missouri’s Roy Blunt, a juror in the impeachment trial, calls Trump’s lawyers ‘our side’. Grr. But this is about presenting the story of what happened to the people, and for history, more than about expecting Senate Republicans to grow a pair.

Anyway — last night Rachel Maddow mused that there’s nothing stopping a chief prosecutor in the District of Columbia from bringing criminal charges against Trump for the riot in the Capitol. Then there would be a real trial.

Also, if they wish, the House Managers could  still call witnesses. I understand the Trump team claimed that the videos of the violence were manipulated. Let’s call some of the Capitol and District of Columbia police who were there and see what they say.

See Two officers who helped fight the Capitol mob died by suicide. Many more are hurting. by Peter Hermann at WaPo.