The Trumps: Too Much Corruption to Count

Because writing about how much I want Joe Manchin to go away would be too exhausting, I want to call your attention to a report just issued by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis. I’m not sure that I knew this committee existed, but it appears they’ve been toiling away for awhile. The report is not long and worth a look.

Much of the report looks at all the many ways the Trump Administration screwed up last year. CNN provides a summary, mostly focusing on the way the administration gagged scientists from telling the truth about the pandemic. Other sections look at the administration’s incompetent response and the way doors were left open for fraud and profiteering.

Remember the test fail?

Remember back when supplies purchased by states and hospitals were being seized by federal agents and hauled off to parts unknown? There’s never been a reckoning of where all that stuff went. Remember Jared Kushner’s “The federal stockpile is ours, not the states'”? See Are the Trumps Engaged in Profiteering? from April 2020. Remember when Jared decided to let “the markets” respond to the virus, and if New York wasn’t getting the ventilators it needed, “that’s their problem”?

We’ve been focused on Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 election; the corruption and self-dealing of his administration have yet to be reckoned with.

Now the government is sounding the alarm about Omicron. This is being ignored wholesale here in Trump Country. I fear we’re in for a rough winter. Get your boosters, people. Data so far shows that people who have been boosted may get a mild case, but they don’t need to be hospitalized. I recommend this clip from Maddow’s show a couple of nights ago —