The Meadows Texts: Searching for Marshall Law

Talking Points Memo has the cache of Mark Meadows texts that were obtained by the J6 Committee. I personally think several members of Congress, plus Meadows, need to be tried for sedition. I also think they need remedial spelling classes. Let’s just hope the Meadow Texts get as much attention as Elon Musk’s nothingburger Twitter Files.

The text getting a lot of attention initially is from Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), sent to Meadows on January 17, 2021, just three days before Joe Biden was scheduled to take office.

“Mark, in seeing what’s happening so quickly, and reading about the Dominion law suits attempting to stop any meaningful investigation we are at a point of ? no return ? in saving our Republic !! Our LAST HOPE is invoking Marshall Law!! PLEASE URGE TO PRESIDENT TO DO SO!!”

Something about this rang a bell. Oh, yeah, CNN reported back in April that Marjorie Taylor Greene sent this text to Mark Meadows, also on January 17.

“In our private chat with only Members, several are saying the only way to save our Republic is for Trump to call for Marshall law. I don’t know on those things. I just wanted you to tell him. They stole this election. We all know. They will destroy our country next. Please tell him to declassify as much as possible so we can go after Biden and anyone else!”

Obviously, we should find out who Marshall Law is, as he seems to be In On It. (/sarcasm) Oh, wait, I think I found him. He lives in a video game.

Reps. Norman and Greene also obviously really believe that the election was stolen. Here’s another one from Norman.

Guys, if there was ever a time to stand with our leader who has strengthened our military, stood for life for the unborn, supported Israel, built the wall , appointed conservative judges ect. And we lay down and abandon him JUST BECAUSE THE BIASED MEDIA HAS CALL THE ELECTION?? … I will go anywhere anytime to help our cause.

I know I’ve said in the distant past, that the Republican Party is mostly a big con but now the marks are getting into office and still don’t know it’s a con. Steve M at No More Mister Nice Blog writes,

When I started blogging twenty years ago, I believed that the right-wing propaganda machine was a cynical means to an end: The people who said that Democrats want to turn America into a communist dictatorship after stealing multiple elections through widespread voter fraud with the help of a monolithically left-wing media didn’t actually believe what they were saying — it was disinformation intended to stir up the rabble and keep them voting Republican. Now, as I read the Talking Points Memo series based on text exchanges after the 2020 election between then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and other coup plotters, I’m reminded that a large number of Republican officeholders are high on their own supply. They’re part of the rabble that believes the nonsense their propaganda outlets peddle.

There’s some serious stuff in the texts. Rep. Rick Allen of Georgia was practically spamming Meadows with utterly wild conspiracy theories he got from “his source.” Example:

Romanian illegal activity 3:40 ? 50 million stolen us identities 7:37 ? used by thiefs for online shopping, loans, election fraud, 8:24 ? produce duplicate copies of driver licenses to commit election fraud 8:40 ? to allow mail in voting from home 9:12 ? emails, passwords and all the data from your phone or laptop..and they will use these data in the election process without you realizing. 10:18 ?Planning this since 2009 10:48 ?100,000 Ukrainian illegally into the USA and “mules” to blackmail 1m US citizens to vote 13:40 ?defrauding 50m US citizens over $100B over past 11 years 15:30 ?received a second set of data in 2018 15:50 ?consequences of Trump reelection

Okay, then. Allen also was leaning on Brad Raffensperger to do something about all that, whatever it is.

And Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona exchanged a bunch of texts with Mark Meadows while ballots were being counted in Arizona. And after that it was about how do we turn this around? Biggs sent this on November 13:

So one of the remedies that may still be left is to enjoin the certification of the election based on the Fed only ballots. If we can’t get the investigation done in time for that, we should make sure we have it done in time and can demonstrate that a significant number of illegal aliens votes in the election so that the legislature, when called into certify the electors, can reject them based on fraud. What do you think?

I am no lawyer, but it might be that those people who seriously believed the election had been stolen from Trump might not be guilty of sedition. But surely Mark Meadows must have realized on some level that the Big Lie is a lie. He’d spent too much time with Trump to not know deep down that Trump is nothing but a grifter.

The way Biggs is processing information in his head is interesting, in a clinical way. Trump didn’t get enough votes? Obviously, it’s because a bunch of illegal aliens voted. That’s the only possible explanation. Biggs is not overburdened with critical thinking skills, I suspect.

In other news: Tesla stock is crashing, although it hasn’t hit zero yet. The BBC has just reported that Elon Musk is no longer the world’s richest man.

Also in other news: The announced breakthrough in fusion energy is good news, and I hope it can be turned into something. But if the past is our guide the world’s media are about to be flooded with stories about how fusion causes cancer or turns people gay or some such, to turn the public against it. And eventually the stories will be traced back to Big Oil. Just watch.