Labor Day Weekend News

Truth Social was launched in 2021 on a foundation of SPACs and PIPEs and other entitites I had never heard of, but I wrote about them at the time. Now this financing apparatus, whatever it is, appears to be about to crumble apart. There’s a news story about it here. Don’t ask me to explain any of this.

Regarding the Georgia indictment, there’s more reporting today on Coffee County, Georgia.

Prosecutors allege that former county Republican Party chair Cathy Latham and former elections supervisor Misty Hampton helped to facilitate employees from a firm hired by Trump attorneys to access and copy sensitive voter data and election software. Surveillance video captured Latham waving the visitors inside, and Hampton in the office as they allegedly accessed the data. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Why Coffee County? It’s a rural county in southern Georgia. Trump won almost 70% of the votes there in 2020, as did David Purdue, running for the U.S. Senate. Both lost statewide, as you might recall. Why were Coffee County’s voting machines so interesting to the Trumpers?

It turns out that there is a history of Coffee County elections being mishandled. The county seat, Douglas, is majority Black, but the rest of the County is mostly White, and county government offices get filled by White people. There is a history of Black voter intimidation and suppression going back years. My guess is that Trumpers may discretely have inquired about voting machines throughout the state, but only the Coffee County officials said, Sure, come on down. Take whatever you want. 

Bill Richardson died. He was a good man. Jimmy Buffett is gone, too.

Worth reading: For All Rudy’s Troubles, There’s Much More Still There by Josh Marshall.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend. I hope you find plenty of beer and barbeque, or whatever you enjoy on late summer weekends.