I’m pleased to announce that Bart Acocella, a regular contributor of The Gadflyer, has agreed to come on board The Mahablog as a contributing blogger, starting sometime next week. Bart is a freelance writer, specializing in speeches and op-eds for political candidates, officeholders and progressive organizations. You can read more about him here.

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  1. Donna  •  Mar 3, 2007 @6:44 am

    Welcome, Bart! Somewhen in the future, it might be fun for you to squeeze in a bit of a post-mortem on Zell Miller’s life [within the context of Bush/Republican decline]……just wondering what that Zell mouth is saying these days….

  2. justme  •  Mar 3, 2007 @1:34 pm

    Welcome Bart!I scanned your miller piece(very good) and I look forward reading your insights here.

    A few tips on how to be a smash success …First,stay out of Ms.Lucy’s spot light.She is somewhat of a Diva.Even my parrots have been trained to salute her.Sure she looks all fuzzy and innocent NOW, but don’t make her show her mad kitty face, yikes!

    And,second Maha doesn’t like potty mouths(why she puts up with me I will never know), so when dick cheney goes to the senate floor and opens his mouth get ready to type a lot of “bleeps” if you wish to repeat his words(gosh if only I could get my parrot to say bleep instead of all the swearing he does, perhaps I should send him to stay with Maha for a bit…She could fix him)

    All teasing aside, Welcome! I look forward to your posts!

  3. Swami  •  Mar 3, 2007 @2:37 pm

    Welcome, Bart