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Republican Party, September 11

The hot news item this morning is that Rudy Giuliani was told back in 2000 that Bernie Kerik was suspected of having ties to organized crime. Giuliani made Kerik New York Police Commissioner anyway.

Last year Giuliani testified under oath to a grand jury that he remembered receiving no such information.

(Republicans never remember anything unless they think Bill Clinton did it. Then they can dredge up details of 15-year-old rumors and accusations with remarkable clarity.)

You might remember that recently Kerik rejected a federal plea deal that would have required prison time. Bernie is suspected of mortgage fraud, tax fraud, conspiracy to eavesdrop and making false statements on his application to become U.S. Homeland Security Secretary.

In other Rudy news, NYC firefighters are renewing their attacks on Giuliani for his performance before and after the September 11 attacks. Much of what’s in this article I’ve written about before, here and here. But if you haven’t heard about the firefighter’s grievances, read the article linked.

He also told Barbara Walters that if he were president his wife might sit in on cabinet meetings. I remember when Rosalynn Carter and Hillary Clinton took visible policy roles in the White House the Right pitched a fit.

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  1. ironranger  •  Mar 30, 2007 @11:52 am

    “Republicans never remember anything unless they think Clinton did it.”
    Right on the button & hilarious too! Thanks for the great laugh. I’m sure to repeat this one often.

  2. Stella  •  Mar 30, 2007 @12:11 pm

    OTOH, some of us remember too damn much. Maha remembers the errors of former first ladies, and poor Mr. Sampson forgets 122 things. But he conveniently remembers he backed off on firing Fitzgerald because ‘that would be wrong.’

    I need to see that Rudy picture every day to remind me that things can certainly get way more ridiculous than I think.

  3. Swami  •  Mar 30, 2007 @7:22 pm

    If I become President I’ll allow my wife to sit in on cabinet meeting also. And the odds that I’ll be elected President are even greater than Rudy’s.

  4. Bonnie  •  Mar 30, 2007 @9:36 pm

    Bush lets Barney sit in on his cabinet meetings. I’ll bet he has gotten some good advice from Barney and ignored just like all the other good advice he gets.