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Just a couple of quick notes on Rudy Giuliani — Rudy’s close buddy and one-time Director of Homeland Security nominee Bernie Kerik rejected a federal plea deal that would have required prison time. Bernie is suspected of mortgage fraud, tax fraud, conspiracy to eavesdrop and making false statements on his application to become U.S. Homeland Security Secretary. See No More Mr. Nice Blog for more.

Rudy also was a conspicuous no show at the International Association of Firefighters convention. Reuters reports:

Giuliani angered the 280,000-member union when he cut off efforts to recover the remains of September 11 victims before all had been found.

IAFF President Harold Schaitberger said Giuliani’s actions were “so egregious” that union leaders debated whether to invite him, although they ultimately did.

4 thoughts on “Rudy News

  1. Rudy looks good in drag..he looks a girl that a guy could have fun with. I know Rudy was just relating with us common people when he posed for that picture, but I think I read somewhere in Leviticus that Jehovah frowns on that sort of behaviour.

  2. First grin of the morning, Swami!
    I read somewhere that Giuliani was considered the most morally upright of the Republican candidates so far (from a poll, which unfortunately I cannot reproduce). Probably I read it wrong, because it definitely made me feel as if I had lost touch with reality.

  3. Rudy! Forget about it guy! Do you think anyone wants a “First Lady” who was sleeping with you while he was married! What a hard road to “Hoe” lol!

    Oh yes, I read about his former “partner” – the one that slept with Judith Reagan of OJ “disfame” and book , “If I did it!.

    A bunch of low lifes!

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