Right-Wing Conspiracies and Mitt’s Debate Disaster

Mittens, Obama Administration

First-rate rant from Rachel last night.

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  1. c u n d gulag  •  Oct 18, 2012 @4:12 pm

    Well, what Rachel’s missing, is that while President Obama, and Democrats, and Liberals, aren’t entitled to their own facts – Mitt, Republicans, and Conservatives, are.


    FOX “News” and Right Wing Radio Rushwanda’s jobs, are to keep the sheep propagandized, and muddy the waters for the MSM.

    And they do a damn good job of doing that.

  2. goatherd  •  Oct 18, 2012 @5:12 pm

    Rachel Maddow really seems to restore some of the dignity to the news media and some of the brains.

  3. Lynne  •  Oct 18, 2012 @5:58 pm

    Agreed, Goatherd.

  4. Porlock Junior  •  Oct 19, 2012 @2:54 am

    First-rant rant, indeed. When she gets going, she’s a match for Mr Smoketoomuch.

  5. Swami  •  Oct 19, 2012 @9:45 pm