11 thoughts on “Please Proceed

  1. Ok, just so everyone knows, I SWEAR to the FSM, that I didn’t see Stewart last night when I wrote my Mitt E. Coyote comment this morning.

    His writers had him running into a painted tunnel. I had him falling off a cliff.

    Still, I feel like I’m in pretty good company! 🙂

  2. Brains are not required at places like Bain where you just buy up failing companies and raid their pension plans. Connections, good hair, a certain cold-bloodedness– these are what you need.

  3. “Please proceed, governor.” and
    “Can you say that a little louder, Candy?”

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever! And there were two things here to show the master at his game!

  4. This is probably old news, but evidently the Mittster was proceeding on information he got from WND’s Jerome Corsi, who is now traveling with the Romney campaign. I am pretty used to people uncritically accepting any criticism or damaging lie about Obama. But, Mitt obviously swallowed this lie whole, convinced it was a “zinger”. If Mitt is that easily taken in by some two bit liar like Corsi, I’d hate to see what the more adept and deranged liars in his circle will be able to sell him. Beyond that, he seemed positively unbalanced, there was a madness in his eyes, He couldn’t accept the truth because it didn’t serve his purpose.

  5. How embarrassing! For some reason, I was thinking the article about Corsi was from TPM. Sorry, I am still half asleep. But, even half asleep, I should have remembered. This dementia thing is getting worse, but at least I get senior discounts now.

    Swami, I wouldn’t mind having Bolton’s head of hair>

  6. http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/i-want-it-now/

    Hi Goatherd, I hit the submit button earlier prior to proof reading my comment (typical).
    I suppose y’all are used to my spelling errors and typos by now. I won’t blame dementia until I break the 60 mark.

    “I wouldn’t mind having Bolton’s head of hair”
    Oh, but that walrus mustache is a real thing of beauty, ain’t it?
    He looks like the Lorax. Either he isn’t married or he doesn’t have a mirror.

  7. A wise woman knows: If a man she is dating treats the waitress at a restaurant like crap, she should expect the same treatment from him once he” closes the deal”.

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