I’m Getting Tired of Winning by Losing


Dems are bracing themselves for losing the Senate tomorrow. Some are consoling themselves by saying this will be a wake-up call for progressives. To which I say, sweetums, if they ain’t awake already, I don’t know what’s going to do it.

Others are saying there are very tight races in states that will be key in the next Electoral College count, and given the “fundamentals” Republicans ought to be doing better, and this is a bad omen for them in 2016. In other words, a near miss is something like a win for the Dems. But a near miss is still a near miss.

Some commenters think the GOP is bound to overreach and spend the next two years making fools of themselves and proving their own ineptitude, and they won’t have Harry Reid to blame any more. Ah, but they can still blame President Obama. So sorry if I’m not in silver lining mode right now.

I’m personally hoping to see some governors going away, notably Brownback, Walker and Scott. These are very close races. Right now Brownback and Scott are considered likely to lose and Walker to win, but they’re all going to be nail biters.

But, y’know, in a sane world it shouldn’t even be close.

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  1. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 3, 2014 @10:39 am

    For me, about the only thing to look forward to after tomorrow’s doom & gloom “fest” of an election day, is not having my e-mailbox full of panicky and apocalyptic missives, begging me for money I don’t have, for candidates whom I barely know – if I know at all – from states far, far, away from me.

  2. wmd  •  Nov 3, 2014 @11:31 am

    Alaska, Iowa and Kansas could surprise.

    Georgia is likely to go to a run off – and a ground game for a run off election will start planning on Nov 5. Put on your thinking caps for how to get people to turn out again.

    Kentucky isn’t decided, nor South Dakota, but both are much longer shots.

    You can help in Iowa and Colorado by making calls via using this tool. Even if you only make 2 calls that will help – because you’re not alone.

    Act now, and the misery won’t be as strong because you’ll know you did something to advance progressive candidates.

  3. Caffinatedone  •  Nov 3, 2014 @11:38 am

    The bigger problem in my eyes is that it vindicates the republican strategy of total obstruction and active demolition of good government. Their assumption seems to have been that when things start to fail, that the party in power will be blamed regardless of the details, and that seems to be the case. So, we end up with a government that only works (to some capacity) when republicans are in charge. That’s unacceptable.

  4. goatherd  •  Nov 3, 2014 @12:06 pm

    “But, y’know, in a sane world it shouldn’t even be close.”

    “The bigger problem in my eyes is that it vindicates the republican strategy of total obstruction and active demolition of good government.”

    Boy, howdy to both.

  5. Dan  •  Nov 3, 2014 @12:24 pm

    Republicans are prime examples of self-fulfilling prophesies: they claim that government is bad, and boy, howdy, do they deliver on that promise.

  6. Stephen Stralka  •  Nov 3, 2014 @12:50 pm

    The question is, What’s the alternative?

    Although actually, I would say it’s two distinct issues. The fact that the election is a complete fiasco and a disgrace is separate from the question of what happens next. And of course one thing that’s going to happen in the 114th Congress is nothing, in terms of meaningful legislation, and we already know what regardless of who controls the Senate. So the next two years were always going to be about hoping we can survive until 2016.

    So you start thinking about a political strategy for the next two years, because what else are you going to do? And if they control the Senate, then we need to start talking about how to use the inevitable overreach against them.

  7. paradoctor  •  Nov 3, 2014 @1:52 pm

    The silver lining is always smaller than the cloud.

  8. Swami  •  Nov 3, 2014 @1:54 pm

    The bigger problem in my eyes is that it vindicates the republican strategy of total obstruction and active demolition of good government.

    A big big amen to that! The thought of guys like Mitch McConnell benefitting from their obstructionist tactics really burns my ass. People have to be either blind or stupid not to see what a mockery the Repugs have made of good governance. I liken it to the type of guy who can’t handle rejection or relinquishing control so they kill their spouse and family when faced with having to accept an unpleasant circumstance. ” If I can’t have you, nobody can!” Pull down the pillars and destroy everything if you can’t get your way.

  9. grannyeagle  •  Nov 3, 2014 @2:09 pm

    Maha: Relax, take a deep breath, put your feet up and have a cup of tea. The world turns, the stars and galaxies do their thing, we’re just along for the ride.

    I’m sure the election will not turn out as I wish but they never do. There is a concept in Chinese philosophy called yin/yang. Everything in nature is subject to this even humans. Yin/yang are the balance and as long as they yield when the time comes, there will be balance and harmony. Day must yield to night, summer to winter and vice versa. If one does not yield and becomes overactive, it will eventually collapse into the opposite. This can result in chaos and destruction before balance is restored. An example is the diagnosis bipolar which used to be called manic-depressive. During the manic phase, the person is hyperactive in every way, not eating, not sleeping, hypersexual, delusional, maybe spending lots of money. They are euphoric and this is a yang condition. Eventually they collapse, are depressed and can do nothing but sleep. (yin condition). As a result of man’s interference and attempt to control nature, the earth is suffering from a yang condition out of control. Of course, this affects everything even politics. We have taken over the night, who can see stars anymore? Everything is a war and it is constant, neverending. If it continues, well, you can guess what will happen. Obama was supposed to be the hero who saved us from an out of control government. But, for whatever reason he has failed. Where do we go from here? Not despair, it is always darkest before the dawn. All we can do is work, pray (or meditate) and leave the rest to the higher powers. So, Maha, there is a silver lining, you may just have to close your eyes to see it.

  10. Swami  •  Nov 3, 2014 @2:31 pm

    Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen in Florida, but I’ve done my part trying to hand Voldemort his walking papers.

  11. LongHairedWeirdo  •  Nov 3, 2014 @2:37 pm

    One thing to keep in mind is that if the Republicans take the Senate, it’s not because the nation is turning rightward -it’s just a question of what seats are in play. It’s absolutely certain that they won’t keep it more than two years (barring something *very* strange).

    But the Republicans can do a great deal of damage, and they have had media lapdogs taking their dictation for long enough that if they decide they won’t fund the Affordable Care Act, for example, or pass budgets that are hideous, it’ll be business as usual. If there’s a government shutdown, or another threat to the full faith and credit of the US, they’ll blame Obama for not accepting their “compromises”, and the media will report what they say, and that the Dems say in return, and throw up their hands as to the possibility of determining if this is actually crazy behavior or not.

  12. moonbat  •  Nov 3, 2014 @3:27 pm
  13. uncledad  •  Nov 3, 2014 @4:38 pm

    I would like to make a prediction, if the dems lose the senate how long will it take the minority leader to cave into demands from the majority to end a filibuster? Up or down vote the repubicants and their facilitators in the media will cry, and the democrats will cave, I’ll bet less than 2 months!

  14. erinyes  •  Nov 3, 2014 @6:54 pm

    The Scott campaign is running an ad slamming charlie crist because he has no “core values” and the only thing he believes in is himself. I thought a core value was believing in yourself. The right loved Charlie when he was in the governor’s mansion, but then he took that stimulus money from the commie niggra Muslim you-serper, and boy howdy, that was a game changer, er, flip flopper.
    Huber lawyer Jon Morgan is promoting both Charlie crist and amendment 2, which will legalize medical Mary Jane. This is interesting. Three men I know voted against amendment 2, because “America” is already in the crapper, and the amendment is not “specific” enough. I guess they wanted more legalese and find print in the bill. This is the power of fox news and the right wing talking heads.

  15. Bonnie  •  Nov 3, 2014 @7:15 pm

    If Republicans win, maybe this is why:


    We can all thank the Republican Supreme Court for this.

  16. Bonnie  •  Nov 3, 2014 @7:48 pm

    BTW, in the state of Washington, we vote by mail. Thus, voter ID is not required. Most of us have already voted by now. It is a system I have grown to like a lot.

  17. paradoctor  •  Nov 3, 2014 @9:20 pm

    I voted by mail too. Now when a glossy campaign flyer arrives, I toss it into recycling with serene indifference.

  18. uncledad  •  Nov 3, 2014 @9:42 pm

    “I toss it into recycling with serene indifference”

    The ads here in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana are getting crazy, we have endless ads running on the teevee and radio for lousy Indiana state house positions, millions of dollars, the local networks are drowning in campaign cash! I think some enterprising person should start a campaign next election cycle to threaten the networks and radio stations with boycotts unless they refuse to run these endless ads. If enough people signup maybe they will listen? What other industry is willing to trash their brand (ratings) and piss off their customers for a month or so every two years?

  19. Doug  •  Nov 3, 2014 @10:02 pm

    Thee was a VERY funny (very old) movie about a near-vaudevillian comedy act. The act stuck and (working a bar) they were told this was their last performance. They started putting away the drinks and went of the script and were hilarious and successful. The crowd hated the canned act and responded to ‘real’ comedy. I adhere to the belief that politics is theater. And I’m wondering after tomorrow, since Obama can forget any legislation more significant than re-naming a post office, if he shouldn’t go ‘off-script’ and … tell it like it is. He’s sharp enough to take questions head-on and make sense. The situation is remarkably similar – after tomorrow, there is no hope for any legislative progress and there will be an attempt by Congress to annex the White House. Obama can stave off the coup attempt, but he should grandstand every event that the GOP stages.

  20. Swami  •  Nov 3, 2014 @11:16 pm

    after tomorrow, there is no hope for any legislative progress and there will be an attempt by Congress to annex the White House.

    Doug.. As an old Navy man you should know.. Never give up the ship! Most of the claims of a GOP walkover are just hype to rattle the voters. I remember when Romney was measuring for curtains for the oval office. I think Yogi Berra got it right by saying: It ain’t over till it’s over.

  21. dianne  •  Nov 4, 2014 @7:42 am

    I’m feeling a little bitter right now. I know it wouldn’t happen, and I don’t really want it to, but just suppose Obama sat on his hands and didn’t veto all the legislation coming down the pike. He defers to the majority and allows the ACA to be repealed and the immigration bill to go through. All of the folks in Kentucky who love Kynect but hate Obamacare would get to use their non-functioning website to get their non-functioning healthcare, the chicken farmers and big agriculture compounds would have no one to work for them,the Wall streeters can proceed with their relentless rape of the country.
    It’s easy for the Repubs to pass all this legislation because it will be vetoed and they know it. Then they can go on about their primary goal of impeaching another Democrat.

  22. maha  •  Nov 4, 2014 @9:39 am

    dianne — Tempting thought, but I’m sure the right-wing echo chamber would find a way to blame Obama and the Democrats for the wreckage. There doesn’t seem to be any end to how badly the Right can screw things up before voters catch on and stop voting for ring-wing politicians.

  23. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 4, 2014 @10:09 am

    If the Republicans win the Senate, look for them to start talking about impeachment.
    Over what?
    It doesn’t matter.
    The President is a Democrat – that’s why. And a black one at that.
    And THAT, in their tiny minds, is enough to be charged with high crimes and misdemeanors!

    Obama will be busy vetoing idiotic, harmful, and downright dangerous bills, and the Republicans will use that in 2016 as the case for a Republican President – saying, “We tried to do a lot of great things, but that… that… Obama, kept vetoing every great bill we passed!”

    And who’s to say it won’t work?

  24. Bob  •  Nov 4, 2014 @10:11 am

    grannyeagle…I know your words were meant for Maha…but thank you anyway for those calming, and soothing words…thankx…

  25. c u n d gulag  •  Nov 4, 2014 @11:09 am

    Ditto what Bob said!

    Nicest thing I’ve read in a long time.

  26. grannyeagle  •  Nov 4, 2014 @12:06 pm

    Bob and Gulag: Merci beaucoup! Gives me encouragement to do more writing and express my inner transformation. My daughter has always complained about my crabbiness to which I respond “I was born that way”. That may be true but I know I can change and maybe next time I can be born with a transformed personality. Besides being crabby is not good for my health. Although Cancer is the sign of the crab, it also is the most nurturing of the signs. Or so I’ve been told.