Trent’s Revenge

You probably know that Trent Lott lost his chance to be Senate Majority Leader because of remarks he made at Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party. It is widely believed that it was the White House, not nasty Democrats, who took away Trent Lott’s leadership position, because the Bushies wanted the more ideological Bill Frist instead of Lott. True or not, in his new book, Herding Cats: A Life in Politics, Lott says he felt betrayed by Frist. “If Frist had not announced exactly when he did, as the fire was about to burn out, I would still be majority leader of the Senate today.” Lott implies that Frist stabbed him in the back.

I think Trent may have found the opportunity he’s been waiting for. Tgnyc writes at Daily Kos:

Too funny! Hastert and Frist make a big show of calling for an investigation into a leak allegedly affecting national security — the locations of secret “black site” torture prisons. And then — BOOM!!! Lott just said, Tuesday afternoon, that he thinks it was a GOP Senator who leaked the info to the Washington Post last week. He says the details had been discussed at a GOP Senators-only meeting last week, and that many of those details made it into the WaPo story.

Money quote from Lott; “We can not remain silent. We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

All just reported on CNN. We are, folks, witnessing the full-on implosion of the national Republican Party. And not a second too soon.

Trent is not stupid. He’s been in Washington longer than the Bushies have been in Washington, and he’s not about to go down the drain with them.

4 thoughts on “Trent’s Revenge

  1. Nor, let us hope, will he go down the drain without them. Not that I’d be heartbroken to see Trent drowning in is own scandal, you understand.

  2. All I can say about this is that Bush and his pals seem to have forgotten that pay backs are hell. Trent lott got in his digs saying that rove should be tossed.. and now frist,,, Mr Lott seems to be holding a bit of a grudge and the bitterness is leaking out…leaving him twisting in the wind over the thrumond comment may turn out to be a big mistake on their parts…and so the plot thickens

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