McClellan Meltdown

See First Draft for the transcript of yesterday’s Scott McClellan smackdown. Dan Froonkin adds:

Later, when American Urban Radio reporter April Ryan took up the question again, McClellan accused her of “showboating for the cameras” and told her she needed to “calm down.”

Surprisingly, there’s no outcry in today’s coverage over McClellan’s tactics. But it does make you wonder how much longer he can trade on his accumulated good will with the press corps.

In any other White House it would be time for the press secretary to “spend more time with his family.” But who else are the Bushies gonna get to do that job for them? Karen Hughes, maybe, if she weren’t so busy trotting around the globe to remind people why they don’t like us.

3 thoughts on “McClellan Meltdown

  1. Poor Scotty. One could almost feel sorry for him, if he wasn’t such a smarmy little sleaze. Do you suppose he practices lying to himself in the mirror? Or, perhaps like the Queen in Alice, he just makes it a habit to believe 6 impossible things before breakfast.

  2. I sure wish the press corp would grow some balls and just get up and walk out in masse during one of these things, telling Scottie they won’t be back until he stops lying to them.

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