Fathers’ Rights

I’m all for equal rights for fathers, but why don’t they have equal liability?

A 4-month-old girl died when her inebriated mother fell asleep on top of her while breast-feeding, prosecutors said. …

The 27-year-old — who was on probation for child neglect — had consumed six double-shot alcoholic beverages at a bowling alley, the complaint said. A toxicologist estimated her blood alcohol level ranged from .15 to .27 percent.

Her husband drove Hawkins and their 4-year-old daughter to the bowling alley and later brought them home, then went out drinking himself, according to the complaint. The baby was unresponsive when he returned an hour later, the complaint said.

Hawkins was on probation for neglect of the same child, and was prohibited from drinking alcohol and from having unsupervised contact with all four of her children at once, court documents show.

If there’s a negleced child, how come only the mother was on probation for neglect? And how come the father isn’t being charged with something regarding the child’s death?

4 thoughts on “Fathers’ Rights

  1. We don’t comment on an ongoing investigation.

    Seriously though,on appearances the father should have a stake in responsibility. I guess it’s just a man’s world, huh?

  2. I once had a run-in with one of those “fathers’ rights” types (“fathers’ right” = hatred of women) who argued that men were better parents because women get charged with child abuse much more than men. He, of course, ignored the fact that children are still mostly cared for by women in this country.

    I looked it up and learned that most of the time, when women are charged with child abuse, the charge usually is neglect–meaning the child isn’t getting timely medical treatment or gets left alone or some such thing. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the kids’ fathers don’t face the same charge. Even if he doesn’t live with the kids, if he has any parental claim on those kids, and they are neglected, IMO he should be charged with neglect also.

  3. Fathers are better parents than mothers, because women are charged with child abuse more often.



    Sorry. I’ll calm down now.

    People of EITHER gender can be great, good, ok, or awful parents. The trick is to love your child more than you love revenge, or drugs, or power, or whatever is making your socks go up and down these days.

    Fathers who support the father’s rights movement want none of the responsibility and all the reward of being a parent. Jeebus, what a bunch of self-centered bastards.

    Kinda sounds like the preznit, eh?

  4. Speaking as a father, that story is very sad.
    This is Darwinism at its’ worst or best, depending on how you look at it, and how calloused you may be.
    Stupid people do stupid things constantly, and sadly, stupid people hook up with other stupid people and reproduce, very sad for the offspring who will most likely be extra stupid.Maybe the father could be charged with stupidity, but it is plain that in our society stupidity is celebrated, especially among celebrities.There was a turd in the gene pool.Mothers are supposed to be the adult because every man and several women on the planet know that testerosterone makes us boys stupid, you know , like an elephant in must. Most of us don’t grow out of it until our 50’s, some, like our very own Busholinni, never grow out of it.

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