This Way to the Gulags

National Journal Hotline reports:

MA. Sen. John Kerry said last night that if Dems retake the House, there’s a “solid case” to bring “articles of impeachment” against President Bush for allegedly misleading the country about pre-war intelligence, according to several Dems who attended.

Be still, my heart. But wait …

Kerry was speaking at a holiday party for alumni of his WH ’04 bid. … Kerry Comm. Dir. David Wade, in an email, said his boss was joking.

Damn you, Kerry.

Wade: “Is it really a story that, with a smile on his face and to ensuing laughter, at a Christmas party for his hardest working troops who are still working to win in 2006, a Democrat joked about why these diehard Democrats needed to keep dreaming of a Democratic Congress? Impeachment jokes in Washington are as old as Don Rumsfeld and as funny as Dick Cheney is gruff. Only the truly humorless would say bah humbug to the rarest of partisan red meat.” Wade said Kerry often asks this question: “How are the same Republicans who tried to impeach a President over whether he misled a nation about an affair going to pretend it does not matter if the Administration intentionally misled the country into war?” More Wade: “Good luck finding a Democrat in America who disagrees…”

Predictably, some rightie bloggers commented on this, disregarding the “it was a joke” caveat. Hyenas all. The Republican National Committee actually issued a “response,” saying “For one of the leaders of the Democrat party to begin a push for presidential impeachment, in seriousness or jest, on the eve of the Iraq elections is both foolish and shortsighted.”

It was a bleeping joke.
Unfortunately. But you’ve got to watch what you say about Dear Leader.

What, you think this is America? Not any more.

6 thoughts on “This Way to the Gulags

  1. Well, I’m sure it was a joke, but it was a stupid one. Kerry never struck me as having much of a sense of humor. And by opening his big mouth and then running away from it, he gives the wingnuts more to chew on. Sheesh.

    I have little patience left for the guy.

  2. Why in the world would talking about impeachment “on the eve of the Iraq elections” be any more foolish or shortsighted than any other time (assuming you thought it was foolish or shortsighted, not long overdue.)? Like “disloyalty” to the President is going to affect the way Iraqis vote? Or is the implication that “success” in the Iraqi elections would make all the lies and death not crimes and misdemeanors? What?

  3. I, too, would respect Kerry and other pantywaist Dems if they were serious about impeachment. If the elected Iraqi gov’t turns out to be a theocracy, we’ve taken 10 steps back from the Saddam regime. Bush & Co. should be sued for all the billions of tax dollars that have gone down the toilet.

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