Bomb the Map

Via Buzzflash — you’ll get a kick out of this Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi.

Best line: “It was classic Bush-think: Instead of bombing the insurgency off the map, he bombs the map.”

And this:

God bless George Bush. The Middle East is in flames, and how does he answer the call? He rolls up to the side entrance of a four-star Washington hotel, slips unobserved into a select gathering of the richest fatheads in his dad’s Rolodex, spends a few tortured minutes exposing his half-assed policies like a campus flasher and then ducks back into his rabbit hole while he waits for his next speech to be written by paid liars.

If that isn’t leadership, what is?

And this:

Up until now this president’s solution to everything has been to stare into the cameras, lie and keep on lying until such time as the political problem disappears. And now, unable to comprehend that while political crises may wilt in the face of such tactics, real crises do not, he and his team are responding to this first serious feet-to-the-fire Iraq emergency in the same way they always have — with a fusillade of silly, easily disprovable bullshit.

Preach it, bro’ Matt!

Update: James Wolcott triumphs again!

4 thoughts on “Bomb the Map

  1. Whoa, fear and loathing at Bamboozlepalooza II! Good to know that although Hunter Thompson has shuffled off the coil, gonzo journalism is alive and well.

    My favorite was Mac’s line, “We’re not going to re-litigate why we went into Iraq.” Re-litigate? Somebody get the boy a copy of Black’s Dictionary! Or even Merriam-Webster, which would inform him:

    to carry on a legal contest by judicial process

    Oh so many things wrong with this picture!

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