A Supporting Actress?

Righties have seized upon yesterday’s theatrics by Mrs. Sam the Sham as one more opportunity to enjoy self-righteous outrage over the perfidity of Democrats.

Remember, these tender hearts belong to the same folks who assure us that waterboarding isn’t so bad.

I only saw game highlights, but by some accounts Mrs. Sham was made to burst into tears by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, not by the Dems. And by other accounts it was all fake, anyway.

Jane Hamsher observes,

Mrs. Strip Search Sammy sure had herself a Kodak moment today, didn’t she? Goober Graham left off his corn-pone homilies and played the hick card just long enough to set her up by using the B word –– the word they’re all terrified of, the word they wanted to use before the Democrats did — BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT — that sent the low-rent Sarah Bernhardt shrieking for the cheap seats.

I’ve worked in the biz long enough to know a poorly executed little melodrama when I see it and that was the worst, the most shameless, most obvious. It’s the role you give a really bad actress, one that can’t even be counted upon to cry with conviction. The mad dash will obscure the crocodile tears and ensure that all the cameras follow, and any attempt at intelligent discussion of quite serious and weighty matters will undoubtedly get trumped by a moment of quick burlesque ripe for the evening news. A slavish press will need no coaching to play along.

Steve M. observes, “After telling us for months and months that al-Qaeda captives regularly claim torture when it hasn’t taken place, right-wingers have apparently decided to try this technique themselves.” Droll.

The rightie reaction reminds me of children made to attend a solemn, grown-up event. They were dozing off until somebody tripped over the microphone, or spilled his water, or picked his nose.

And if it wasn’t faked, Judge Sham might want to consider whether his fragile little frau can handle being the wife of a Supreme.

4 thoughts on “A Supporting Actress?

  1. Graham is a hypocritical ass. He apologized to Mrs. Alito for having to endure the tough questioning and accusations directed by the Democrats. Did he or his Republican buddies worry about what they were putting Clinton’s wife and daughter through? And Clinton only had a finite amount of time he would be in office; Alito’s appointment to the court is for life. He should endure tough questioning.

  2. Graham is one reason I can’t watch. Em. Bare. Assed.

    Graham coached Alito on the hearings before ‘questioning’ him in the hearings. And don’t get me started on his idea of humor.

    Seneca, his home town, is just a few miles up the road from Clemson, my home town. This guy is my [cough, choke] Senator. And yes, I’ve written him but you try talking to a dominionist Southern Babtist KoolAid drinking Roy Moore Republican and see how far you get. About as far as you’ll get talking to one of his groupies.

  3. Here’s an exercise for whomever has the time and props: With transcript in hand, and while watching replays of the hearing room ‘laughter moments’, check out Mrs. Alito’s facial expressions in the moments just before the ‘funny’ lines are said by Republican senators. I am wondering if those ‘laughter moments’ were rehearsed for public consumption and she knew they were coming………..and we think Bush’s presentations are stage managed!

  4. My last comment was admittedly catty. This comment is not:
    It has occurred to me just how difficult it would be for anyone to undergo review for a lifetime job of Supreme Court Justice given the entrenched hard divisiveness in our present culture [divisiveness fostered by the Bush political team who always prefer having an enemy, foreign or domestic, in order to push fear and morality buttons].
    Alito dare not give the Democrats any answers that would help them believe he had matured past his ’80’s positions, because such indications of maturing would trigger a reaction on the right that would undercut what the right wing is counting upon in deciding to vote for him. I don’t know if he has matured as a judge or not…..I’m just struck with the reality that he faces in this situation where he has to tack right [Repugs are in the majority] if he wants the job. Even giving an impression of centeredness about hot-button issues would sink his boat with the present majority.

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