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  1. Maha, the President doesn’t need to mention Sept. 11. A&E programming tonight (Flight 93) is doing the job for him. All those people watching A&E will wake up tomorrow morning blessing the President for watching over them.


  2. You didn’t miss anything either. It was more of the same bullshit. Bush isn’t capable of honest speech. He was oozing with deceit. The only comment that stirred my emotion was when he said, “Freedom is on the march”.

  3. Maha,,, I like you, didn’t watch..But I plan to read it later.I will not allow that man into my home….”freedom is on the march” , eh? marching the hell out of this country it seems,,I wonder where it is going?

    Speaking of freedom, I noticed the other day in Iraq’s constitution wiretapping requires a court order.. section 38…maybe that is where our freedom is on the march to and only our wiretapping laws have made it so far?

  4. Those of you who didn’t watch missed one entirely hilarious moment. As I wrote when it happened (I wasn’t live blogging it, but this was too good to pass up):

    “Bush said last year Congress failed to act on his proposal to save Social Security, and all the Democrats stood and applauded wildly.”

    He looked a tad disconcerted.

  5. Why to I keep reading “SOTU” as “STFU?” In any case, it was nice hearing how he’s going to start throwing subsidies at his energy company friends to help reduce our dependency on oil. They will, of course, develop oil alternatives at whatever rate maximizes their profits. Can’t have anyone else in charge of something so important as our energy policies, eh?

    It’s so much better than a mission to Mars. Let the Pentagon prop up the aerospace industry and channel the corporate welfare to Exxon and friends.

  6. I didn’t watch . . . I couldn’t watch. But today’s headline in the Chicago Tribune – Bush: U.S. ‘addicted to oil’ Well, duh! Didn’t we know that in the 70’s?! Weren’t alternative energy cars developed but then bought by the US car companies to stifle competition because they were in cahoots with the oil business so that billions could be made by Bushco?

    And his justification for lack of action prior to 9/11 and illegal spying just infuriates me. I could continue to rant but I’m short of time.

  7. Didn’t listen to any of the speech either, but when I read this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle headline “Bush: ‘We Must Keep Our Word'” I almost spit out my coffee.

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