Swift Boat This

The Right is already engaged in the swift boating of Coretta Scott King’s funeral. Or, as John Aravosis puts it, “Get ready for the white men of the Republican Party to lecture black leaders about not knowing their place.”

Apparently it was a white woman, Kate O’Beirne, who led the charge. Digby says “Kate O’Beirne isn’t fit to wipe Coretta Scott King’s shoes.” Digby is being genteel.

But y’know what, children? I don’t think they’ll get away with it. Oh, the hard right Bush base will be outraged. But there is no way they can do to Coretta Scott King’s funeral what they did to Paul Wellstone’s funeral without coming across as a bunch of racist windbags. Oh, they’ll bloviate and bellyache, but it’s not 2002 any more.

9 thoughts on “Swift Boat This

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  2. Here’s a great quote from Free Republic. What insight into their mindset:
    ” Carter was manipulating ignorant blacks in their time of suffering.”

  3. I just saw the video. An absolutely mind-numbing contrast between the resonant poetry of TRUTH, and the slime of fascist propagandistic bullshit. And by that I mean between Reverend Lowery and George Bush, the two of them not more than 10 feet apart at CSK’s funeral.

    Let me be clear. Lowrey = TRUTH. Bush = FASCIST PROPAGANDISTIC BULLSHIT.

    The very first thing Karl Rove did after the funeral was to get the attack machinery in gear. (OMIGOD! What a surprise!) With his pudgy, sweaty fingers he sent out a fax with the smear talking points to every Repub whore he could think of, and Kate O’Bierne was at the top of the list.

    Will I live long enough to see Karl and the rest of the fascist Repug scum held to account for their crimes?

  4. I suggest righties take some ari fleisher advice and “be real careful of what they say” The righties are on VERY thin ice here .This is not an issue that is open for debate

    I try so hard to wrap my brain around rightie logic,but how do you understand a group of people who want to make war with everyone, yet lacks the courage to actually go do the fighting themselves?

    The term noecrazies fits them so well, they hate homosexuals, they hate anyone of color,they hate liberals,they hate feminsts, they hate muslims, they hate, they hate they hate…the list of who they don’t hate would be shorter…

    Lets assume for a moment righties do treat this story like they do every none story they can find to NOT talk about bush(I say this is a non story because someone speaking at a funeral can say whatever the hell they want to)..IF they hold true to form they will pour gas (so to speak) on the story until it explodes, perhaps they will go to far(they will) …perhaps it will spark racial tentions, and I bet if that happened rightie bloggers will be the first ones to lace up the old combat boots and stand up for whatever hate they spew on their blogs (AS IF!).

    The way the right seems to see it everyone but THEM is a threat to the world(listen to micheal”savage” weiners show sometime)…..if they got rid of us all they would turn on each other..righties need only 2 things to survive as a group,HATE and FEAR.

    Maybe it is past time people of like minds from not just here,but world wide come together to dissolve the fear and hate that such a small group of people are using to hold the whole world hostage.
    their machine runs on hysteria and frenzy,, at a time when we need a return to common sense. The righties only seem get their feeling of power from being part of some group.Perhaps they need a reality check on how small in numbers they really are .

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  6. The problem is that the right wing has a solid core that is going believe them no matter what nonsense they spout. Building on that, when some wingnut rants on MSNBC, it gives their lunacy a veneer of respectability such that the media will shy away from attacking them and a few moderate but less clear-sighted indivduals will buy it, and that’s all they need. Their strategy is always the same: shore up the base, silence the media, peel away at the center and who gaves a flying f about all the people who will never support them, like African-Americans.

  7. Spesaking truth to power is not acceptable these BUshlerized reigning days…They need to control the output to manipulate the perceptions. To think they are whining about Lowery or Carter comments , but can NOT deny the TRUTH of what was stated…LOL, well not a real LOL for it is shameful that seemingly they get away with such. The media has little ehticals in presenting the reality…they are but handmaidens to this preent administration and hide in that overwrought LIBERAL MEDIA shroud.

  8. You close minded people just do not get it. You never will. You preach Love, Peace, and tolerance, yet practice not what you say. A better example of hypocrites I will never find. President Bush is a graduate of HARVARD with an MBA. Can you name a better place of higher education? America sees you for what you are and will respond accoringly. I have not had a higher education, the public schools did not prepare me for same. Thank You for my poor liberal education.

  9. I have not had a higher education, the public schools did not prepare me for same. Thank You for my poor liberal education.

    Clue: Most Americans with college degrees went to public school. Even I went to public school, and I have a bachelor’s degree. It’s not the public school’s fault if you don’t have a higher education. You must be a slacker.

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