Mondo Snow

Here in the greater New York City metro area we really did get slammed with some major snow. This is a guess, as I haven’t gone outside, but from the kitchen window it looks like 18 inches, give or take.

We’ve been having an extraordinarily mild winter until now. This storm is a major setback for my plans to convert my co-op apartment into a luxury tropical beachfront property. Maybe next year.

While I’m on a personal level — I want to thank everyone for the supportive emails. I hope to answer all of them, but it may take a few days. I really, really appreciated them, though.

8 thoughts on “Mondo Snow

  1. I heard on the radio Friday that the newly elected republican leader of the House appointed Tom Delay to the appropreations committee. Is this something like allowing the fox to sleep in the henhouse or does the Congressman’s expertise at doling out monies where he says it will do the most good be any asset to the committee that finds the taxpayers dollars to meet government contracts and obligations. I am confused.

  2. I think they gave Tom Delay another job to keep his mouth shut. You can see other’s who are singing now who lost their jobs. I am sure that creep in Texas would have alot to say with all those big teeth he has now that we paid for.

  3. Hi from Jersey we had a ton of snow here at the shore but roads are melting already. I think this will be a quick storm that won’t last long going to be to warm.

  4. a ton of snow here at the shore but roads are melting already

    I understand the shore got a break because of unusually warm water in the Atlantic. This isn’t helping us in Westchester, however. It’s still gray and snowing here.

  5. My brother on the Cape says 8 inches so far, there. Good to hear you’re doing okay, Barbara. If electricity fails or a Care package is needed, feel free to holla to 541-606 and follow with 9257 and I’ll do my best to keep you from want.

  6. We’re down to a brutal 50 degrees here in the Sunshine State. When it gets cold like this, us reptiles get real sluggish.I don’t miss the snow or the cold or the cabin fever.

  7. From what I understand, Delay is chairing a subcommittee seat on the Appropriations Committe that was vacated when ‘Duke’ Cunningham entered his guilty plea. Sheesh, you just can’t make these things up….

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