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I see that Deadeye Dick has finally taken responsibility for shooting Mr. Whittington. However, Joe Strupp and Greg Mitchell of Editor & Publisher report that The Dick is less than contrite.

Speaking on camera and disclosing some of the unaired footage, [Brit] Hume said Cheney was “utterly unapologetic” about the reporting lag but “a shaken man” in his interview. In comments on the cable channel just minutes after ending a 25-minute interview with Cheney, Hume described the encounter as revealing, but with little contrition on Cheney’s part.

“He didn’t blame anyone else, he blamed himself [for the shooting],” Hume told Fox’s Shepard Smith during a brief conversation. “But he didn’t take blame for the way it was handled…the White House press corps be damned.”

The veep admitted having one beer with lunch that day, but also said no one had any beer. See Think Progress for more about the amazing appearing and disappearing beer story. Other rumors for which I have no corroboration whatsoever involve women.

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  1. “I said, ‘Harry, I had no idea you were there,'” Cheney recounted. “He didn’t respond.”

    Armstrong told reporters that the small shotgun pellets “broke the skin” and that the blast “knocked him silly. But he was fine. He was talking. His eyes were open. It didn’t get in his eyes or anything like that.”

    Were Armstrong and Cheney at the same Blastfest?

  2. Remember how much grief the “liberal” media gave John Kerry for his goose hunting photo op. Can you imagine If Kerry had actually shot someone in his party? It surely would have been the end of the world as we know it. Faux news is very busy these day’s rehabilitating bush-co, I hope they are getting paid in one way or the other.

  3. Cheney say’s on faux news “the image of him falling is something i’ll never be able to get out of my mind…….I fired and there’s Harry falling, I’d have to say it was one of the worst days of my life at that moment”. Maybe he now understands what images many of the 200,000+ troops (he and his buddies sent to Iraq)have to live with for the rest of there lives. This man is an embarrassment to our country.

  4. February 15, 2006 Dick Speaks Filed under: Dick Cheney — maha @ 5:09 pm Brit Hume said Cheney was “utterly unapologetic” about the reporting lag. Hume described little contrition on Cheney’s part. He didn’t take blame for the way it was handled…the White House press corps be damned.

    Wasn’t this the same VP who in the VP debate who (falsely) scolded Mr. Edwards for allegedly “not reporting” to Congress to cast vital votes?

    The VP admitted having one beer with lunch that day, but also said “no one had any beer”. This guy has more flip flops than Bush claimed Kerry had in support for funding the Iraq war.

    FrankH in Miami contributed to this report.

  5. NSA Intercept:

    obvious terrorist communication intercepted: 325,001,

    As well, I suppose the things that are happening to Brittany and Jessica are pre-ordained. We all love to hate celebrities. It’s all part of the ever-expanding entertainment value of our manufactured “royalty.” They are simply disposable like any old pair of dirty diapers. There comes a point when they outlive their usefulness and are thrown on the trash heap of former fame with all the other celebrities from days of yore (i.e. I mean who could forget Gary Coleman, Mason Reece, Rodney Allen Rippey and Charo – even though she’s sort of found new life on reality t.v.)

    It’s all so sad, but much too true. They are the poster children for consumerism, in effect advertising all they buy and then when they get too old or not cute anymore they are banished to the land of misfit toys (together with the “Rodney in the Box” a wagon with square wheels and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer).

    Signing off AR


    Well I guess I agree even though know I don’t understand. All I know is the Liberal Media is always tearing down everything that we God fearing amerikans hold dear. I mean just look at the latest example. Who of us has not shot a friend of ours in the face? Can’t a man have a few beers, go out hunting, and make a mistake or two. So he didn’t have an upland bird stamp, big deal, is that against the law? Why do they have to make a federal case out of everything? Vice President Cheney has given so much to this country and what has he asked for in return? (hchcmmmm. Halliburton). I feel so sorry for him, and what the liberal media will surely put him through. He must feel terrible already. I mean he’s probably having nightmares at the thought of his friend taking a .28 gauge “peppering” to the face. The same “liberal” media seems to feel sorry for the troops that willfully kill in Iraq. I mean if the troops should get consoling for post traumatic stress, why shouldn’t our dear Vice President. Well enough for now, the more I think about these injustices the more dang mad I get. Besides O’Rielly’s coming on the t.v. soon, he’s the only one that can make sense of all this.


  6. I bet Whittington would say that it was one of the worst days of his life also.

    The public outcry managed to wrestle a reluctant admission of responsiblity out of Cheney, and the press is treating it like positive reinforcement for potty training. Cheney still didn’t come clean…His one beer story doesn’t fly in my book. What constitutes one beer? 8 ounces, 2 gallons?. Knowing his propensity to deceive, the probabilty that he was in the bag is more than likely, and even if he only downed a moderate amount, he should know that alcohol and firearms don’t mix in any proportion. We should have zero tolerance for yahoos like Cheney who think its OK to hunt while being impaired with alcohol.

    Friends dont let friends hunt drunk?

  7. Swami:

    Good point. I wonder what “whittington” said while he was going down. I bet went something like this ” hey Dick what the fuck, you just shot me in the face, this could be a serious problem for Delay, you fuckin asshole, you should really stay in an undisclosed location. Hide…… the ………….beer………..
    If the media starts to give you any shit just remind them that you were Vice President on 9-11.

  8. Can a flawed man lead a pure society?

    We’ll I just watched the “fox” coverage of the whole sorted affair. And I’ll be dammed if Ol’ Dick didn’t do everything buy the book. I mean come on, who hasn’t shot someone in the face and then tried to keep “false” allegations from infecting the media? He’s really sorry. I say we should all just move on. Brit did a fine job getting to the nitty gritty. Bottom line is he missed the bird, peppered (oh so lightly) his friend with lotion filled pellets. And did the United States of America a real big favor by not letting this get to the press before the shootie’s family knew all about it. I mean the worst thing he could have done was to leak to the media something that might of affected his friends Family? Say what you want about Ol’ Dead Eye Dick, he doesn’t like to leak information that might affect someone’s family?

  9. What has bothered me from the gitgo, and coming from a family of real hunters, is that after medical attention was sought for the victim, why wasn’t law enforcement also contacted immediately? The VP should have been interrogated promptly and blood alcohol levels taken. This to me points to a cover-up because there is no explanation other than alcohol was involved. Just like everything else this administration does, the other shoe has yet to drop. Blaming the media is just a diversion.

  10. Uncledad – comment 9 – Are you a fool? You say that you guess you agress “even though you don’t understand”. You sounds like a Republican to me.

  11. Britwitt — Uncledad’s comments are tongue-in-cheek, as I hope yours are. I don’t like to see un-genteel behavior between commenters. 🙂

  12. Sence the V/pres. Owns up to shooting his friend. To fair and balanced, news reporter brit hume jr. The question which now should be asked by every one Is? who will pay the hospital bill. Will it be Mr. wittington who got in Cheney’s line of fire? Or will Cheney pick up the bill. Or better still, the owners of the ranch. They too should help pay sence they let two hunters on their property with out the proper permits?.I hope the small tax payers don’t get stuck with this bill. We’re still carrying the tax cut bills for the rich guys.

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