Koufax Awards Update

Your humble favorite blogger has been nominated in the “best writing” category. Voting for the finalists hasn’t begun yet, but I believe (a-HEM) I will mention it when it does begin.

Meanwhile — the folks at Wampum put in a lot of work on behalf of the liberal side of the blogosphere by hosting the Koufax Awards. They could use some donations to help pay for bandwidth. The tip jar is in the upper left column.

3 thoughts on “Koufax Awards Update

  1. The 2005 Koufax Awards: Best Writing
    This category seeks to recognize the best overall writing by a lefty blogger. In some cases, nominations were specific for a particular blogger on a group blog. In other cases, the entire blog, whether a singular or group effort, was nominated. I attempted to follow the intent of the nominator.

    Once again, voting will open soon, hopefully next week. For now, get familiar with the best political writing in the blogosphere

    Mahablog: Barbara O’Brien

    Congrats Maha. Good luck,you deserve it!!!! Cathy

    just wanted to say I got a call into C-SPAN this morning about Cheney and the 18 delay in reporting the shooting.I thought the cooler full of beer and the cocktails consumed after the shooting might of been the reason for delay.Ya think

  2. I am not at all suprised by this,,,You are an outstanding writer!!!Keep up the good work Maha,I am so proud of you!!!

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