5 thoughts on “Censure?

  1. Frist is a major scumbag, dirtbag, douchebag( and I mean it). America is not going to heal until we open the wound and clean out the infection. Bush has poisoned the soul of America with his lies, deceits, torture, kidnapings, illegal spying,and mass murder of innocent people.If we don’t own up to our own wrong-doing as a nation,we will lose everything worthy of being a great nation, a city on a hill.

    Talk about winning hearts and minds?…I’d prefer to give my heart to a nation that strives toward decency and honor..not one that prides itself on being a brute and a thug.. the self proclaimed owners of the shock and awe concept. Yeah, right, God bless America. as we annihilate thousands of human beings with our arrogance and physical power.

  2. I thought the 2001 quote from the CNN piece, “Talking matters less than doing.” was ironic given your previous post entitled “Talking the Talk.”

    If they want better coverage coming out of Iraq, the way to get it is institute policies that result in better news in Iraq. Having yet another tour to drum up support for his Iraq policy when his policy is not producing any good results is sort of silly. Looked at another way it is an admission that he has no new policy ideas to improve the situation. Talking may mean less than doing but if you can’t do, talk is all you have left.

  3. And of course the cowardly, craven quisling Dems in Congress are running away from Feingold so fast, you can’t see them for dust. Will they ever wake up to the fact that they have a duty to stick together and be a genuine opposition party, a counterweight to the insane fascist criminals who have hijacked the United States?

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