Bush Is Dissed

What Juan Cole says:

Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani has blown off the president of the United States. Bush sent Sistani a letter asking him to intervene to help end the gridlock in the formation of a new Iraqi government. Asked about his response, an aide said that Sistani had not opened the letter and had put it aside in his office.

Sistani does not approve of the American presence in Iraq, and certainly disapproves of the Bush administration’s attempt to unseat Ibrahim Jaafari as the candidate of the United Iraqi Alliance. Middle Easterners have had Western Powers dictate their politics to them for a couple of centuries and are pretty tired of it.

More jaw-dropping information in the Professor’s post; it’s worth reading all the way through.

4 thoughts on “Bush Is Dissed

  1. I read Juan Cole’s whole posting…..amazing to read that the bombing of the golden mosque is attributed to, at the least, a background USA action, but this possibility merits investigation IF it is true that the Bushies want to foment civil strife hoping to gain control by replacing Jaafari with a hand-picked puppet.

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