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There are a couple of good articles on Salon (and also at True Blue Liberal) that I don’t have time to comment on, but they’re good reads. I’ll give both links for each article.

Fritz Umbach, “Bush’s Bogus Document Dump” — Salon LinkTBL Link

Sidney Blumenthal, “The Slow-Motion Trap” — Salon LinkTBL Link

Update: See also “Another General Calls For Rumsfeld’s Resignation” at Think Progress. This is genuinely extraordinary, for reasons modus potus explains here. But I have it on good authority that the brass has hated Rummy from the get-go.

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  1. Yes, and a word that many of them have used to describe Rummy is “arrogant”.

    I heard someone on CNN state today that Rummy will never resign and this administratiion wouldn’t allow it to happen because it would be admitting failure.

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think that Rumsfield has ever been in the military.

  2. I attended a parent/teacher meeting yesterday for my 8th grader. Although I was prepared for unfavorable reports from two of his teachers, I was confronted by six teachers that had negative things to say about my son’s progress. When I confronted my son with the substance of the meeting, he tried to blame the teachers. I told him that I might believe him if he had a problem with one (or maybe two) of the teachers, but with six teachers complaining, then he is the problem.

    Where is Rummy’s mom?

  3. Zeus — I had a sixth grader like that. 🙂 Take heart; although there was some question about whether he would survive sixth grade, mine will graduate college this spring.

  4. I have a video tape of Zinni on Meet the Press….Zinni was soooo impressive in his easy command of the facts and his ability to skewer Rumsfeld and the other Bush neo-cons as dangerous ideologues.

    I remember thinking as I watched Zinni that ‘it has been a long time since I have heard someone speak who truly has outstanding leadership qualities’ [especially in contrast to current Rummy lapdog General Pace who speaks the orwellian language].

    Could these Rummy critics be motivated, not only by the incompetency of civilian leadership in the Iraq fiasco, but also by the covert planning/development of anti-democracy programs designed to use the military against Americans in domestic spying, domestic propaganda, and preparedness for domestic ‘police actions’?

  5. I’ve never been in the military (in the “service” as they say), but I suspect a moment is coming when the guys at the top realize, protocol or not, tradition or not, that It’s Up To Them To Set Things Aright. Right now these are private moments and private thoughts, but if things get bad enough, they’ll become collective moments, and a plan will form.

    If’n’when our country has a military coup, it’ll be one more milestone, one more thrashing of our system that’s already writhing from the perversions it’s suffered by the abandonment of the Constitutional and moral principles on which it was founded.

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