7 thoughts on “Genuinely Disgusting

  1. Let me get this straight (as the Republicans would like)!

    No Child Left Behind except perhaps the White House Easter Egg Roll.

    No abortions.

    Put the children in orphanages who weren’t aborted and let them stay their until 18 because they can’t be adopted by anyone other than a married couple defined as “a man and a woman”.

    Let the Child Be Left Behind in an orphanage until he is 18 and “released” into the “wild” without benefit of further education, medical benefits, family contacts, etc., BUT he can enlist to go to Iraq War, or Iran war or wherever!

  2. Looks like the easter bunny left a bunch of turds in the white house.

    I am so ashamed of the president, and this country as a whole for tolerating a piece crap like bush in MY house; the peoples house.. what a disgrace to us all .

    Happy easter to all,,except righties,,, I hope your eggs are all as rotten as your leader.

    Perhaps the righties can embrace this new tradition our dear leader started this a.m and from this easter forward easter can be a day for hating the gay community…first the egg hunt, then some gay hating activity,a solid choc bunny, some eggs and a ham dinner… God I love family values.Perhaps next year the white house can get the gay community to again bring their kids and when they get there , Bush can order all the kids removed from their gay parents custody…think how much better that ham dinner would taste to righties after that….

    Shame on my country!

  3. I read the article, and felt disgust and shame. I am hoping this latest disgrace will separate even more decent Republicans from their previous attachment to George W. Bush. Here’s why I say that:

    I recently traveled to a red state to attend a wedding for a relative whose immediate [wealthy]family has been vocally and solidly loyal to Bush. The more extended family includes a gay couple from yet another state, a couple who now have a child whom most of us had yet to meet. When they arrived, truth is, they were welcomed with open arms…….the little kids joined each other in play and all adults got busy catching up on the news from each other’s lives.

    Funny how simple it can be to graciously include everyone in one’s family [and into the human race] and yes, the Dick, Cheney, should be especially attuned to that.

    Today, at our local family Easter dinner, I heard from one family member [who had stayed over longer after that wedding] that, hurrah, our red state clansmen are ‘no longer so keen on Bush’.

  4. I also have heard from a group of former bush fans that they now are left with buyers remorse….only one in the group is left making excuses for Bush, and I even caught one former rightie rolling her eyes as the last bush follower tried to explain away bush’s vast errors….It’s good to see some are waking up,, but I could just shake them for waiting so late, their mistakes will cost this country so much….

  5. Well, the Bush/Cheney bumperstickers in these parts are getting rarer by the day, you see them mostly on Lincoln Mk 5’s driven by a WWII aged guy(short term memory problems), Hummers driven by 50 something Rush-baugh/Hannity Hummeroids,vehicles driven by fish people, or beater pickup trucks festooned with confederate themes.In other words, DEAD ENDERS.

  6. Yeah Swami, Pasco, Polk, Rural Hillsborough (Plant City in particular) and most of the “Red Neck Riveria”.
    The real wack jobs have the “Choose life” license plates, plastic fish,Bush/Cheney B/S.

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