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I’m short on blogging time today, but just about everything I’ve been wanting to write about all week, but didn’t, is being covered by Dan Froomkin. So just go there. Read through this week’s Froomkin columns and you will know All.

Monday: The Cheney Supremacy

Tuesday: The Reviews Are In

Wednesday: Where Did Safavian Work Again?

Thursday: Rove’s Risky Embrace

2 thoughts on “Just Go There

  1. My thoughts have been fixed on two things for the last couple of weeks. A couple of Sundays ago Russert had, I think it was, Gen. Barry McCaffery who is now a NBC anaylst on for his own segment. He said the human resources, minds and bodies, of the troops in Iraq and the middle east will not bear up as an effective fighting force beyond (some near term date) 2007.

    My father was a Marine Corps lifer and I know what it is to be a military family with Dad absent, although in our case not in harms way in a theater of war. My gut tells me that the troop will always give the outside “gung ho”, but broke is broke and nothing fixes body and soul like home.

    I do not understand why this facet of the debacle in Iraq is not give more lip service by our team. But then again, there are a number of things that they don’t quickly, decisively counter with cogent arugements and it feels like we are the red headed step child in a black haired family.

    The second thing is that I have occasion to have conversation with guys in their 70’s and 80’s, the WWII generation. Their position has been since Janurary 2003 that you have to kill the little alligators so that you don’t have to deal with the big ones. They are consumed with Pearl Harbor mentality, not faulting them, but it is this mind set that weasle-boy Rove has so successfully exploited with fear and anxiety. It seems to me that this is the mindset (subgroup) of the other team that they are betting the ranch on for this November.

    I’d like some feedback please, on your thoughts.

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