David Weigel of Hit and Run says that UC-Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice Denton killed herself on June 24. Last April, Denton was a target of one of Michelle Malkin’s hate campaigns. Malkin published Denton’s address in this post because Denton had failed to expel students who had ignited Malkin’s wrath. To be fair, this article indicates Denton had drawn fire from people other than Malkin.

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  2. De mortuis nil nisi bonum. But I live in Santa Cruz, I’m friends with many of her former employees, and I’ve been reading stories about her in the local paper ever since she was hired–and I can tell you that, yes, she came under a lot of fire, from every direction, and didn’t have many supporters.

    I suspect her mental illness had been alienating people for a long time before she reached the point of being suicidal. But I don’t suppose the Malkin-generated noise helped any, but I don’t imagine it would have stood out partcularly from all the other noise.

  3. Wow. I’d never heard of Denice Denton before, so I went scurrying to find out more before commenting.

    It’s pretty obvious why Malkin would target her for harassment– feminist, lesbian, actually accomplished something. What stuns me isn’t that Malkin and her imps would take after someone like that; it’s that the harassment would be so constant, so dangerous, and from so many quarters.

    What year is this, again?

  4. “filed under conservatism, blogging”

    Hate is easy, Love aint. Better quit now, maha aint no saint. But she runs a pretty good blog.

  5. Will Malkin issue an apology now that a target of her hate filled rants has killed themselves?

    Not likely. She will probably just claim this as another example of liberals avoiding a fight.

  6. I’d happily blame Malkin for a lot of things (doing a nice imitation of a talking dog, for example) but not this one. There has been a lot of shady business going on at the top of the UC bureaucracy and I think a lot of ugly stuff about people I’d usually identify with is going to trickle out.

  7. OT, but I’m leaving for a few days, thought you’d enjoy this…
    Mike Thomas of the Orlando Sentinel writes to day that the ’08 Republican ticket will likely be McCain/ Jeb Bush.
    I think he’s right.Because of his brother’s sagging popularity, Jeb will need to get in the White House through the back door.
    Time to fill the sand bags……

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  9. What I’d like to understand is why Denise Denton has been blamed for the exesses of the UC system. I have not seen one single rant or rave against the person who offered her the things she was hung-out to dry for. Dr. Dynes is RESPONSIBLE. He’s the President. He signed off on ALL of it. Why so far have only women been blamed??? Maybe a set-up. Are you sure Denton even knew how much the fence cost?

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