4 thoughts on “The Mess He Made

  1. ” ‘Terrorism is an extreme form of political communication,’

    That’s the definition that I’ve looking for to try to put terrorist in its proper classification. That’s why I knew Bush was screwing up right from the beginning with his militaristic Commander-in-Chief bullshit.

  2. It appears that Bush’s inability to deal effectively with KimJong Il is being covered by the righties with a spin taken from Dr.Dobson’s book, The Strong Willed Child”. They are trying to portray Kim Jong Il as a child who is having a temper tantrum and Bush’s failure to respond to a demanding and spoiled child is the proper course of action that a responsible adult should take. So Bush really isn’t impotent to the North Korean problem,he’s just letting a rebellious child act out their frustrations in trying to manipulate the authority of an adult..

  3. I love how crooksandliars links to this blog for no apparent reason because all this one does is send a link over to some other one with no comments. If you want to artificially generate traffic then at least say something.

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